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how to raise brine shrimp and black worms for fry i have no idea what to do?

how can i raise these kind of food for fry and my adult fish does anyone have any suggestions please help me their are only 10 left and i need them to survive and thrive.

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    what only ten left! wow, thats so sad, did you change the water when you moved the fish? you shouldnt do that cuz fry cant take that water change, try feeding them crushed fish flakes for now, it couldve also been that the female was stressed while giving birth, (I wouldnt think so) im really sorry, I dont really know why they are dying, okay heres a really good question, do their bellies look inflated? because if they do it means that the water isnt right for them, I would remove that water and put the water from the parents tank, but im afraid that it will just cause more kaos, this is really odd, Do the dead fry and remaining fry have white spots? if so remove the ones with white spots from the ones without white spots, this could be ich, and you should treat the others with ick, Good Luck!

    Source(s): EDIT: also I havent heard much of raising brine shrimp, but I have heard of Daphnia and infurosia for tiny fry, but yours arent tiny, well they sell them at the store and it says how to raise them in the back of the box, but do you have the time to wait for them to grow? I think they sell them ready to go as well. Good Luck again! I hope your swordtails get beter!
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    what kind of fish do you have?

    I know how you can grow daphnia but if your fry are very small you could grow some infusoria

    daphnia you can find in most ponds - they look like tiny particles that jerk around.

    you could buy some daphnia or maybe even brine shrimp live from an aquarium shop. Buy some for your fry and some to breed, here's how:

    if you're breeding daphnia they are normally freshwater crustaceans so get some pond water or water that's been standing for a couple of days at least (chlorine will probably kill most of them if you get the water straight from the tap). Mix a small pinch of sugar in some room temperature water and add a pinch of yeast if you have any (dried brewers yeast or baking yeast is still alive so you can use this).

    Leave it inside for a couple of hours for it to replicate then put it into the jar with the daphnia. Feed them occasionally (everyday or so), put them on the window sill in sunlight ideally because they also feed on single celled algae that will reproduce better in sunlight.

    If you get hold of some brine-shrimp then obviously you'll need some saltwater to put them in. If you're fish tank is a saltwater tank just take a jarful and add the brine-shrimp to the water.

    brine-shrimp will also feed on yeast but it might be better to add a small pinch to the brine-shrimp directly instead of mixing with too much water coz you don't want to dilute the salt water too much. To be honest you'd probably be alright preparing the yeast as for daphnia because you hardly need any water so it won't dilute it too much.

    feed them everyday or every other day like this

    add a small amount of crushed egg shell to the jar of daphnia or brine-shrimp in the beginning to give them calcium for their tiny shells!

    That's all you need to know I think, I hope the rest of your fry survive.

    If you don't have any yeast to feed your daphnia or brineshrimp it's really easy to culture some infusoria (small and single celled organisms that live in ponds). Just add an inch square cube of potato or turnip to some clean pond water. leave it in a jar or ice cream tub for about 3 days then use a syringe to suck out some water next to the cube which should be a bit cloudy from infusoria


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    brine shrimp are pretty easy to hatch if you buy a little container filled with them at a pet shop it tells you the information to hatch them...

    for one quart you need one quart of tap water(warm) coarse salt or aquatic salt and one teaspoon of brine shrimp. good luck!

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