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would this be considered a lyric or a narrative poem?

its about Lane Frost


In Redding, California,

Was the place they came to meet.

The Legend came to ride,

the bull who'd never seen defeat.

Millions sat crowded,

in the stands around the ring.

Awaiting what the Legend,

had come to prove and bring.

In the pit with his team,

they released the bull from the pen.

As the Legend climbed the chute,

his excitement grew within.

Hearing the crowd screaming,

he was overcome with pride.

He had a good feeling,

he was getting that eight second ride.

As he strapped himself down,

He made sure his hand was secure.

He let out his go signal,

this started a good ride for sure.

Round and round in circles,

the bull began to go.

Yet, the Legend stayed on,

keeping up with the flow.

In his mind he waited,

to hear the buzzer sound.

For this buzzer would show,

the Legend had been crowned.

His heart was racing faster,

With Red Rocks every blow.

At last the buzzer sounded,

and he hit the ground in a roll.

As he stood and looked around,

he realized what he'd done.

the crowd roared with praise,

The Legend had finally won.

The day went down in history,

in the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

His true legacy was rodeo,

Lane Frost had won the game.

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    Narratives can be lyrics, and ballads are a type of lyric. I'd say this is both.

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    Id class it as a ballad .It has a lyrical persona about it!

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    I would say narrative, because it does tell a story.

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