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There have been complaints about our high school's volleyball coach for years but nothing is done about her.?

She is really not a coach. She yells and screams at the girls, threatens them if they make a mistake and if they play poorly in a match, the next practice is spent doing over-the-top conditioning and running long distances. If the girls don't understand how to correct a problem, they are afraid to ask her because her answer is generally, "Figure it out yourself." Even the parents are afraid to approach her about anything because of the fear that their kid will be benched.

Last year, the athletic director spoke to her at the end of the season to let her know that there are concerns about her. She claimed she had no idea that parents/players felt that way about her.

The season started out okay, but now she's slipping back into her ways of screaming, yelling and humiliating girls. Some girls are even pulling muscles and falling because of the conditioning she's having them endure. Many of the girls cry at practice or return home at the end of the day in tears.

The icing on the cake is that along with being cruel, she has never won conference or made it to state. If she had, her behavior may be a little bit easier to swallow.

Where is the line with a coach? How much is a team/player expected to take? What is acceptable and what is not and how should this be presented to the AD?


Karen in Omaha

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    i would just go to the AD and let them know the issues and have them talk to her, but not mention any names of who was complaining.

    if that doesn't work, you may be able to talk to the principle or someone else in charge, but i think the AD would be the best bet.

    if nothing else, the whole team can get together and RESPECTIVELY talk to her about it. don't be rude or mean, that will make things worse.

    i really hope it gets better! i've had my fair share of horrible coaches, but thankfully most of my coaches are great, and if my team and i ever have a problem with them, we just go to them and tell them, but in a nice way, and if that doesn't work, we go to the AD.

    i hope this helps!

    good luck! :)(:

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