What's a good job/rate in the Navy?

In your opinion, what is a good job/rate in the Navy? Your answers are greatly appreciated.

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    I was a Hospital Corpsman. It was a great job. Only problem with becoming a Corpsman it is is overmanned, promotions are a little slower and you may have to wait until a job opens up....but if you get it, it is a very versatile rate. You get to go everywhere the Navy goes. You have the best choice of orders, because there is a Corpsman at every base, on every ship and some even go with the Marines...and you have a lot of advanced schools such as Lab Tech, Pharmacy, Bio-Med Repair, and many others...

    Other cool jobs with interesting duty:

    Master at Arms (police) they have a lot of good duty locations because like Corpsmen, they go a lot of places...and have sea and shore duty assignments.

    Journalist: It is just a cool job. You can be on radio, and or TV (Armed Forces Channels mostly overseas) you also can write for base papers and write news releases. If you have good grammar and write well and speak well you can apply for that rate.

    Electrician...that is a good job for a woman. There aren't a lot of women doing it and you learn good skills that turn into good jobs outside...you need to be good at math and have good color vision.

    Aviation: but it is a hard working group. If you want to get dirty, and learn how to fix aircraft...then consider it. Most Air Stations are the better Navy duty stations. I've been to three of them. You could go on an Air Craft Carrier or go to a Naval Air Station...just a lot of hours...but over all you get good job skills...that is if you plan on working at an air port or near a military contractor such as Locke-heed Martin or Bowing...but they have good jobs.

    You could go the traditional female route and go administration...there are several customer service and personnel jobs. Many have changed and combined over the past few years. It relates to Human Resources in civilian talk..and that is a growing field...It is not the most glamorous job, but you work in a clean office environment and you get job skills when you get out.

    There are many jobs and it really depends on what you are interested in. It will be work no matter what you get into. and you may not always do the job you sign up for...I mean during your first few years they will work you hard. You may get duty washing dishes for a while or cleaning laundry if you go on a ship....but everyone goes through it and you won't be alone...

    I like to tell the good and bad of the Navy to people...I liked it but it was a lot of work at times.

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    Navy Diver

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    Aviation Electronics Technician. You get lots of schooling, quick advancement and recognition as someone who can understand and fix complex problems, that most people can't fathom.

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    Firecontrolman. AECF

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    you could always do nuclear mechanic/electrician if you tested really high. the job isn't actually great but it gives you great skills when you get out of the navy.

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    I'll give you 3...

    Air Traffic Control (AC)

    Sonar Tech Submarines / Surface (STS/STG)

    Quartermaster (QM)

    Source(s): Retired Chief Petty Officer
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