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current boyfriend and old flame...what should i do?

one band i really like is playing in my hometown. the trouble is, i used to really like a guy who is opening for that band, but he really hurt my feelings and completely blew me off. he just stopped talking to me altogether. it's been awhile, 7 months. i really liked this guy and was really hurt by him. since then i have moved on, have a new boyfriend and i'm a lot happier although i still think about the band guy from time to time. i guess you could say he was my first love. anyways, do you think it would be really messy if i went with my current boyfriend and just avoided band guy? i'm not one to get vindictive and flaunt my new boyfriend in front of him, but i kinda wanna see these other bands.

band guy and i never technically dated, but we hung out backstage together and hung out everytime he came to town. we were kind of unofficially together. almost.


i think it would be pretty easy to avoid him if i just don't walk by the merch table.

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    I would think that it is fine for you to attend the concert with your boyfriend. Since you never officially dated the band guy, and he's the one who hurt you, it seems perfectly acceptable to me.

    You don't really have to go out of your way to avoid him either, because if you do and he sees you that will most likely upset him more than if you talk to him and act perfectly natural.

    (Then again, if he does see you with your boyfriend, and he gets jealous, let him realize that you were his loss. ;) )

    hope this is at least somewhat helpful

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    i think it would be okay to bring your new boyfriend a long.

    if it wasn't official then i wouldn't worry about it.

    don't worry about trying to impress him. just have a good time with your boyfriend.

    and if he confronts you or wants to talk, do it casually.

    and remember to introduce your boyfriend. otherwise your boyfriend might get offended.

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    go late so you miss him opening, and then if he happens to see you with the new guy..... flaunt him!

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    I think you should go. Time will heal things, and I think this will help you move on.

    Now do me plz!

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    do it.

    why should you let some boy come between you and having fun. and if your new bf makes you happy it shouldnt matter:)

    i hope you have fun!!

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