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Root Canal procedure question.?

The first part was done two weeks ago, the dentist drilled a hole, took out the nerve (I think), measured how deep it was (21), then put a temporary sealant there.

This week he took the sealant out, then was dumbfounded when the 21 dental file was not long enough, took an x-ray. Used the dental files some more kept saying guta percha. Then he inserted like 4 or 5 'strips' or 'sticks' in there not sure what they are called. Used scissors to cut off the tips of the 'sticks'. Then put the temporary sealant again and took another x-ray.

Today I got a call saying I need 2 more appointments one for 30 mins and one for 1 and a half hours. HUH. I will need a crown but does that require 2 more hours of dental work?

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    1 decade ago

    Sometimes, yes. It will take several appointments, and more than one go at the depth of the canal. Be patient, it is normal for it to go this way from time to time.

    You may have been incredibly swollen in the tooth socket when he was first in there, and after the swelling went down, he seen that a bit more work was needed to make sure the problem/infection is gone.

    I went in for emergency root canal back in January, and it was the end of February before we were done. :) It was annoying to say the least, but it had to be done.

    Source(s): Have had six root canals in the past four years
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