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Do you know any sad books about racism?

Hey, do you guys know any sad stories about racism. It doesn't have to be long at all. Whether it be a short story or book or a simple monologue, it will be fine. I would like it to be from a first person view preferably. That's not too hard. It would also be nice if it was from a girl's point of view, and if it was racism toward an Asian. Also, it doesn't have to be tear jerking books, but it should be sad or maybe moving. If you know any stories I would really appreciate it.

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    Nought and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. It's got a bit of a Romeo and Juliet theme, but it swithces the roles of black and white people so the dark-skinned "crosses" are socially above the pale "noughts". It is fairly long, but it's worth a read, and has two sequels too.

    The POV is first person, which switches between the boy and the girl from chapter to chapter.

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    Honestly, my favorite is Generation Dead. It's about zombies, but the message is clearly aimed towards racism in teenagers.

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