why do I like so many different girls?! who do I choose?

Okay, my problem is that there are tooo many girls that I like. All of the girls that I like really do like me back, some as friends and others a little more. There is a total of five girls that I "want" right now.

Cassi is cute as all hell. In all honest she is the one I really want to be with the most. We met a couple of months ago and instantly became good friends. We flirted back and forth alot until the topic of dating each other came up. She didn't want to date because she has a history of cheating on her boy friends and doesn't want to hurt me. She is the best of all the other girls your about to read about. She can be sweet, shes hot, She LOVES to have fun, we can always make each other laugh and smile, and we have good communication.

Meg is extremely sweet. She has a job grooming dogs and always wants to hang out with me. She REALLY likes me but I'm not sure I would want to date her. She is a virgin and has taken "the vow" and is dedicated to it, I respect that. As selfish as this sounds I can't see myself marrying anybody right now and if I was to get married I would want to at least know how they were in bed before I took the leap.

Aja Is by far the hottest of the bunch. She loves to party (sometimes to much). My friends all think that I should choose her. Don't get me wrong I really like drinking (every weekend) but I draw the line at drugs. And Aja really enjoys smoking pot and will take pills every now and again. And although I really like spending time with her I don't really want to get sucked into drugs.

Jess and Britt are both friends from High School. Jess just broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago after being together for over three years. The problem with jess is the only time anything ever happens is when we are both drunk and the next day we both just act like nothing happened. The same goes for Britt. Although Britt's problem is she never wants to go out and do anything. She just wants to hang out at her house and chill out. I really like that I can talk with her about anything and we trust each other.

So we have the Girl I want that doesn't want to be with me; cassi

The really sweet girl that wants to be with me but won't sleep with me; meg

The extremely hot girl that I always have fun with but does drugs; aja

The girl that I cannot have a sober relationship with; Jess

And the girl that I can always talk to but never wants to do anything; britt

Who or How do I choose?

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    wow bro we are in the same exact problem. but in my case theres 4 girls.

    i would go with aja because it sounds like you dont want something too serious since you said you wouldnt be with meg. and you can help her tone down on the drugs (which would be a good thing for you AND her) also it sounds like shes a lot of fun. lol

    BUT my honest opinion would be for you to go with the one you feel you want to be with the most. (cassi, i guess) just keep trying with her

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