Which is your fav breed?

Which breed is your favorite and why?:) Just asking

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    German shepherds and Chow Chows. German Shepherds have already been bragged about by other answerers, but Chow Chows aren't as favorable.

    I love them because they're tough, you need to know how to work with their tempermant, and you REALLY need to socialize them. They like to pick one owner, just one that they love above all others, and this is very flattering (mine tends to treat everybody else like the help). They are strong, but also pretty lazy (can you believe they used to be cart pulling dogs?! Some are so lazy! And they shouldn't be warked hard in hot whether, so I find it funny that they used to be a working breed). They're difficult to train because they're difficult to motivate, I love a challenge. They have a lot of funny other traits too. The ancient Chinese originally bred them as food, but then realised that they could work! They also fed them on a diet made mostly of rice, so their digestive enzymes are different from many other dogs. Because their eyes are set so far back, they have limited periphereal vision. The legend about their blue tongues comes from a legend about the night sky.

    When God made the stars, he had to make room for them by breaking part of the night sky. These pieces fell down to Earth, and only the great Chow Chows were aloud to lick them up, staining their tongues blue-black. How adorable is that?!

    Mind you, this is not the breed for everyone, or even 5% of everyone.


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    We have a golden retriever cross with a golden lab. She is the SWEETEST dog in the world, and she is the best! We love her so much. I think either of those breeds are really great companions and loyal dogs.

    Also, we have a yorkie that we love to death! She is very sweet, but a note is that she is soo extremely protective of her "kids" (AKA us) haha. Which can be good, unless you have some small kids around that are prone to hitting or smacking. :)

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    I'm torn between the dogs I've had most of my life, Siberian Huskies, Newfoundlands, and Border Collies...

    Husky - Love it because its high energy, great winter trainer partner for me and amazing looking.

    Newfoundland - Massive....so fun to hug, protects everyone in the house, and does funny things

    Border Collie - So damn smart, can't explain how smart this dog is...figures out way too much and outsmarts my friends a lot!

  • I love rottweilers, german shepherds and dobermans. But out of all 3 my favorite is rottweilers. I have a mix of a rottweiler and german shepherd and she loves me to death and follows me everywhere I go and is so loyal and thats why I love them 2 breeds so much they are they greatest.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The 2 breeds I have now: Great Dane and APBT

    Dane~they are just amazing companions, sweet, loving and so gentle!!

    APBT~they are so loving, loyal, smart and just a lot of fun!!

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    1 decade ago

    German Shepards and Labradors. German Shepards will follow you to the ends of the earth, are loyal, protective and highly intelligent. My lab/ret mix is the perfect watchdog, is also highly intelligent and both love to please the owner. They're all gentle with my autistic son and have guarded him in the past. I trust my life to these dogs.

    Source(s): Amateur trainer of two future GS service dogs and a lab/ret mix.
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    I love Siberian Huskies they are energetic and kind they love the winter which in Chicago is pretty good

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    whippets, there awesome you should see one on a race or an agility course, there pretty easy to take care of and don't shed like Dalmatians there just awesome looking!

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    Boxers. They are smart. easy to train, loyal and low maintenance with grooming. Besides, how can you resist that face?

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    They are extremely friendly and loyal.

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