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Critical reading help SAT!!!!!!?

i do very poor on critical reading but very well on everything else, my vocab if fine but i always do bad on the reading part and i have been practicing for almost a year! Please give me some tips on how to do better on this i need to get my critical reading score up 50 points for the october sat!!!!!

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    Check in the library for a book on SAT prep.

    That will give you far more help than we can give you here.

    Alternately, search the internet for help; there are likely some on-line summaries. Try "SAT prep critical reading".

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    I wish you'd given a little more specifics about what types of questions you're missing. If you don't know, then do some analysis of practice questions you've completed. Are you spending too much time reading and not enough on the questions? Are you getting seduced by answer choices that are mostly right but not all correct? Are you guessing poorly? Give us a little more information for more specific help.

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