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Im 15 years old and really unhappy with my body. My bmi is and 18.5 and i weigh between 108 and 110. Im 5'4 and i hate how i look, im not fat obviously but i would like to be a little more toned. But i really lack self control. when i see food i just wanna eat and its so hard to eat healthy because im hypoglycemic (which makes me wanna just get candy when my blood sugar runs low) and our school is full of vending machines. basically i wanna focus on my stomach, i would love it to be really flat and toned instead of soft and squishy..... tips on how to be more fit?

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    1 decade ago
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    well u already know what to do , u don't have to totally stop eating junk but lower it and start eating more proteins healthy stuff, first it's good for ur body second u'll won't get that tired while working out as junk food will make u so start working out if u can't do much just do it at ur hosue sit ups regularlly start with 25 than increase it it will toned ur stomach and there are so many different types of excersice just u tube it but u have to actully do it every day and u will start seeing the result in a month.

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    Running and swimming are your best bets to just get overall fit. Doing sit ups will only tone under the "squishy" stomach you may have. Good luck.

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    sit ups :)

    eat lots of fruits and veggies...

    have like a regular meal throughout the day...

    i eat twice a day but have little snacks in between and i walk a lot...drink lots of water :)

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