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What crazy color should I dye my hair!? 10 easy points for best answer!!!!?

I'm so tired of my hair, I want to do something to it that I'll totally never forget, nothing that makes me look dumb or anything like that, If you know of a good cut or could post a link for a cute cut, I'd appreciate it ;)


P.s I know the mirror is dirty lmfaooo.


This is what I look like :)

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    you should cut ur hair scene hair

    then die only the front of ur hair blue and the points pins and u shoulddo a peacock and die that purple

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    you should do like, a blue or purple peek-a-boo underneath your hair, like at the nape of your neck. i wouldnt do any crazy color all over because nothing that crazy is permanent and is a LOT of upkeep. but i think that would be cute. or if you and into warmer colors, a really deep red would be awesome. and some really cute short choppy layers and a side swept fringe would be real cute!

    Source(s): im a hair stylist :]
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    You have pretty thick hair. If yyou like get it layered around your face to lighten it up a bit and maybe add some light brown hi-lites.

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    Dye it like a bright blue...you said crazy color right?

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  • Bella
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    1 decade ago


    I'm pretty sure this is a wig, but....

  • <3
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    1 decade ago

    omg dark blonde would fit great

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