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how many babies named micheal jackson were born on the day he died?

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    Hopefully none that will turn out like him he was a perverted psychotic individual.

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    Michael died because of the fact his coronary heart stopped. And the clarification for why it stopped became because of the fact he have been given a syringe with a drug observed as Propofol injected in his physique. Why? - because of the fact he needed some prescripted medicine because of the fact he had many well-being themes. Vitiligo, Lupus, a burnt scalp, back pains, insomnia etc. He could no longer help all this .. think of going around with pains and themes 24/7. You do get kinda helpless after a on the same time as, and drugs facilitates. however the combination of medicine in Mikey's physique from earlier and the Propofol made his coronary heart end, because of the fact he became a skinny and tiny guy, and he did no longer consume lots and he became dealing with numerous tension together with his comeback practice. All it rather is the clarification for his dying. it rather is my concept. If his existence could be stored or no longer - i do no longer comprehend. No-one knows what became occurring in Mikey's mattress room the day he died. Dr. Murray could have observed as 911 good away, or performed CPR for one million/2 an hour, or possibly he became hiding the medicine away on the same time as Mikey became subconscious, or possibly he enable Mikey die because of the fact he needed him to .. No-one knows. some human beings say he became writing 'stable bye' letters to Paris and that he knew the top became close to. some human beings say he became wholesome and became crammed with existence and became rather excited approximately it is It! What to have self assurance? ? that's excited by love.

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    Not mine! He was born the day Michael Jackson died and his name is Donovan!

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