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Boy trouble???????????

Ok well i really really like this boy (im 15 btw). But he likes my friend. She recently broke up with her long term bf but likes the boy too. She told him she wasn't ready to date. But they're kinda together just not official. But here's the problem..he flirts with me soo much. He's always talking to me and teasing me and trying to make me laugh. Like today in bio, we had to choose scissors and we get really crappy ones. i was at my desk looking for a good pair and he comes from across the room and scares me when he reaches into the bucket too. he got a perfectly good pair the first time but he stayed for a while, saying he needed a better pair. his hand kept bushing against mine. i don't know wat to do because i'm really good friends with the girl he's "With". help???

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    Share your crayons.

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    Your 15, don't even worry about it. This relationship won't last, and you'll have 10 other boyfriends before you graduate. So just enjoy life and stay focused in school. You are not gonna find your soul mate freshman or sophomore year in high school. Just letting you know that now.

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    Make it clear to your friend that you like him too so shell back off a little.

    That could start a fight though.

    I'd just keep flirting back and let him make the decision of what to do.

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    If he's trying to basically get with both you and your friend, he's definitely not worth messing up a friendship with your friend. So tell your friend what he's been doing and you guys can come to a solution together.

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    Sure is(^_^)

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