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why is alternative power more expensive than regular?

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    because if it were cheaper then we'd have been using it in the first place.

    we don't use fossil fuels because it amuses us to hurt the environment, we use them because they're cheapest. If solar power or wind turbines were cost effective we'd have been using them from the start.

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    There is a lot of paranoia here. It's not a conspiracy, it's simply economics, fossil fuels are cheaper, and more scalable.

    The alternatives are not really scalable, nor are they ideal for all locations, so there is no silver bullet, and the variables are not as attractive.

    The part that makes a lot of the modern stuff expensive is technology. There are three different technologies for solar panels, and the processes really took off last year when gas spiked at $4 and $12 MMBTU for natural gas. For anyone, be it corporations or even homeowners, the prospect that the more viable products will be available around the corner, so many are leery about making huge investments.

    I see this in the electric biz. People are were really fascinated with solar power a year ago. Local prices went from 9 cents a kWh to 18 cents in some areas, so to move into solar power was pretty much locking in your energy for around a 15 year investment of about 15 cents per kWh. I saw some that were talking 12 cents. Then the market fell back down to 11, and even 9 cents per kWh, and the interest fell to nearly nothing. Now I have heard there is a huge supply of small grade panels that homeowners lost interest in, so the price is coming down more. Now there is more motivation to wait it out for even cheaper products.

    That's the PV part, but actually a lot of the alternatives are actually cheaper, if you have the interest and desire to make it happen, and I mean you make it happen. You can make you own Solar Heater Panels, even your own Solar Water-heater. You can look at passive heat during the winter, if your home is set up right. Just checkout Mother Earth News if you are interested at the micro-level.

    For most, they do not want to mess with it. They would assume to let someone else build it, and they pay for it, and have it installed. They want certainty, but like life, there is really no promises, no certainty and or guarantees. You can make it seem that way with fossil fuels, but there are costs outside the obvious price you pay.

    What you are seeing is the real law of economics, necessity. Let fuels get back up in price, and then all the sudden you will see all kinds of interest.

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    Alternative power is more expensive than regular,because electric companies want to make money and if alternative power were cheaper, then everyone would be doing it, and they would loose money. You weren't very specific about what kind of alternative power you meant, otherwise my answer would be better. I just assumed you were talking about electricity. But, gas would be the same way.

    Hope this helps : )

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    The government does not provide adequate subsidies and grants to those more 'private' organizations pushing the alternative.

    The money is in crude oil, coal and nuclear. It would cost too much for the government to completely overturn the whole system to alternative, regardless of how much proof they have to show it is more beneficial and efficient. In turn, the private organizations have to charge more. Same concept for recycling...costs more than producing from raw materials - how does THAT make sense?... There's a foreign country I saw tv clip on that is running a small town off of burning their landfill trash. Scientists there develop a cool 'smokelss, odorless, pollution' free system of incinerating the landfill garbage, in turn creating electricity. I don't remember the science behind it. Now, the US alone could run half the country off the all the garbage we collect. Government doesn't care...because there's no money in it.

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    I'll agree with Captain Matt - yet there is more to the story.

    GW Bush initiated a clean, hydrogen-free energy path for this nation. He greatly expanded geothermal energy production and began converting our energy infrastructure to Hydrogen fuel. All this can be cheap if implemented on a mass scale.

    Democrats went ballistic and fought to derail the clean energy path - because they desperately want to Carbon-Tax us to death. So, they force us to hand over cash to promote all these piddling little 'green' energy companies that have no chance of replacing our national petroleum use. Why? Follow the MONEY.

    These alternative energy sources, such as corn ethanol, are not only expensive but are environmentally devastating. Our corn production depends on an underground water source called the Ogallala Aquifer that is drying up already just to produce food. Now, Democrats have accelerated the destruction of our food capability to turn food into fuel?

    Why? Follow the money!!!

    Source(s): Democrat proposal to force auto companies to produce E85 ethanol vehicles. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=1... Obama camp closely linked with corn ethanol. Tom Daschle on board of directors of three ethanol companies. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25324195/ Al Gore joins Kleiner Perkins as a partner — to push green investments Gore's investment portfolio value multiplying as government forces tax funds into 'green' jobs and companies ( http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/... ) ( http://venturebeat.com/2007/11/12/al-gore-joins-kl... ) Former Vice President Al Gore is co-founder and Chairman of Generation Investment Management
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