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Pretty upset bout reading a text in girlfriends phone to guy friend... saying I *** way to fast.?

So today, I was going through her texts and I saw a text saying, " i found your joke funny today about ____ being bad in bed, cause you told me earlier he kinda is.". lol so I was there for the joke and did find it funny about finishing to quick, but I was kinda ticked she would tell him that. She claims it was just joking around, and I felt bad for mentioning it cause I was going through her phone. She said she replied, I wasnt bad in bed, but just finished fast and then listed other good stuff about me

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    Could be worse. If this is a bad problem I would rather have her joking around about it instead of leaving you for it. There are things you can read that will help you with your problem, and will help your relationship. Try including her in the solution to the problem, she will feel as though you are trying to fix the problem with her for her. Also, don't ever go through somebody else phone unless you are prepared to be REALLY upset.

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    LOL IMPOTENT! sorry im not being mean! Your Girlfriend shouldn`t be telling other guys about how good or bad you in bed lol there's no need for it cause you know what the guys gonna say being a guy don`t ya? ''we should f*uck sometime'' or something along those lines

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