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itunes room question thing?

if i move the itunes folder onto an external hardrive or flash drive and plug it in every time i use itunes would anything change? and would i have trouble with anything? the reason i want to do this is becuse there isn't enough room to transfer anything from my ipod to my computer or buy anything off itunes on my computer. and if i can where would i find the folder(s)?

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    Yes, because all of the music on your itunes library is linked to that file on the computer. If you move all the music to an external hard drive, then itunes cant find that music anymore and will have an exclamaition mark next to the song when you try to play it.

    This means that itunes cant play that file and if you take it off your ipod, you wont be able to re-sync it back.

    A possible work-around is just to move all your music onto the external and make a new library or delete all the music off your old one and put the moved copies of them back onto itunes.

    The default folder for itunes is C: ( or whatever drive my documents is in) \My documents\ My music\itunes music ( or something like that)

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Past experience with the same problem
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