black and white photpgraphy?

what kind of camera is black and white film? im looking for a camera that either is digital or film that takes black and white pics.

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    lol, a camera is not black and white - it depends on the film you load into it. If you load color print film you get color prints, if you load black and white print film you get black and white prints, if you load slide film you get slides - the camera has NOTHING to do with it. The camera is just a box that holds the film.

    As for digital, most allow you to select black and white or you can just change them to black and white after shooting - this will allow you more creative range.

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    If you're really going to do black and white the way God and George Eastman meant for it to be done, you use a film camera loaded with BW film. Remember, the lower the ASA of the film the finer the grain, and the bigger the film the camera uses the less you have to enlarge it to make a print. Furthermore, the more you stop the lens down when you make the exposure the more that will be in focus, THEREFORE, if you are using a really BIG sheet film camera, with "slow" film, stopped all the way down with a good lens your pictures will be razor-sharp.

    Unless you are MADE of money, this is not as easy as it sounds in this post-film era. Probably the best you can do is to get an old 35mm camera, have a camera store order some BW film for you (you may have to order several rolls before they make enough money on the deal to fool with it) and you have to have a lab do the processing for you. I found two in San Francisco online recently, so they're out there if you search for them.

    Digital, on the other hand, will give you either color or BW at the click of a mouse, and you can send the images to Walgreen's for printing. The DOWNSIDE may be that control of the image at the time of the original exposure is not as certain. Uncle Ansel and I both knew when we tripped the shutters on our view cameras what was going to come of it, but digital may not be all that "there" yet.

    Source(s): 31 years of professional photography and process lab experience.
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    Nearly all, if not all, digital cameras can be switched to B&W. Or you can turn them to B&W with editing software. You can download gimp or for free.

    All 35mm film cameras can shoot B&W film. There are really two kinds of B&W film.

    The kind that you can get at a department or drug store is actually color film that has no coloring and can be processed anywhere color film is processed. This type of film will say 'process C-41' on the canister.

    True B&W film you can only buy at camera stores, either a brick and mortar store or online. And places like Walmart or Walgreens must send it out to be processed. Only a professional photolab will be able to process true B&W on site.

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    it really don't matter,when get them developed. You have the choice of color or black and white.

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