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Why are things always so one-sided on online games?

Everytime I see an online game post on big sites (like yahoo) they always say negative things like depression, overweight, etc. I have never seen any positive post about online games though, I find it to be extremely one-sided. Those things are not as common as they are made sound though. I now am not able to play WoW because of these one-sided things that my mom has read, I wouldn't mind if they were fair about it but it never is. What are your opinions on this?


amen brother!

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    Well I think to play video games in moderation is perfectly fine. That goes for anything in life, though. I mean, if I were a parent, I think i'd rather my kid be addicted to playing video/online games then to be out doing drugs. It's seems like it one or the other nowadays.

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    if i was you i would ignore it b/c it is a bunch of bull. and if you mom believes she reads,l i have no id how she made it through life so far

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