LGBT: what to do? please read :P?

My first [gay] relationship just ended. Not meaning to call you out if you're reading this, but i need emotional support. If you are reading this and want to answer, please don't make it obvious. I don't want you to damage your reputation for my sake.

I really thought I did something wrong and he said the common break up phrase, though in a rephrased, elaborate, more beautiful and less painful way: "It's not you, it's me." I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend than you right now, but for what it was worth, I wish it could have worked out [or lasted longer]. I literally would have done everything I could for us to be together. I'd study more so I can go to college with you. I'd save all my money so I can pay for a plane ticket and visit you, but then I thought, "wouldn't this just be what 'I' want?" I must utterly agree that I moved too fast in my first and possibly won't be my last happy, yet painful relationship. Any advice? no hate comments please.

P.S. Don't call him anything bad. I just need a way to cope with this and maybe things will work out in the future, maybe (if he wants to)

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    The Catch phrase “it is better to love and lost than not to have loved at al”l.

    You have gained a lot by this relationship, pros an cons.

    It is part of a learning process we all go through.

    I find the best thing when someone goes through this is to give them warm fuzzies and hugs. Maybe a cup of warm chocolate and a rose.

    Maybe treat yourself to a warm bubble bath.


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    Keep your head up and keep a positive attitude

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