Does (or did) anyone else hate college?

I have 1.5 years left...and I freaking hate it.

I have a few close friends, but they're all generally busy (three have to work two jobs to pay for books etc. to be here, and one is a varsity soccer player, which is a big deal here). I have no desire to go out to the parties (which you can't get in without an invite), because everyone is beyond trashed and blasting music I don't even like. My workload is ridiculous, and my grades are awful (and I used to never get below a B+).

Mostly I just hate how shallow and irresponsible everyone is, and how clique-y they are. They all plan classes to be with their friends, and never talk to anyone else.

It just seems kind of absurd.

Am I alone on that?

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    You're not alone! That's exactly how I feel. It might just be where we chose to go. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely regretting choosing to attend a university in the middle of one of the world's so-called party centrals.

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    Hey girl lots of people *hate* college. Most people go so they can get a good job and not to get enlightened. Stick it out. You will be glad that you did. I'm 26 and I'm going back to college to finish and it totally sucks. Do not be like me, stick it out and finish. Can you transfer and finish your degree elsewhere?

    If you can't then just stick it out. Would it be possible to take summer and winter session classes so you can graduate a semester or two early? Yea everyone is clique-y even at work. But I suggest that you take the higher road in life okay? Be nice, don't be like the snotty girls in college. Do your best.

    Just stick it out. It sucks having to go back to college and trying to finish. Remember lots of people hate college but they stick it out because the job options are better. Once the economy turns around, employers will be hiring again.

    EDIT: Sometimes you have to take the first step and talk to them first. A lot of people are shy about talking to others. Try to talk to them first. See how that goes. But sometimes you have to take the first step towards friendships.

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    You're not alone..

    I HATED college

    I HATED every minute of it

    but getting my Masters was worth every second that I hated it, worth every penny I had to scrimp and save

    Son loved College- hated the pressure

  • 1 decade ago

    Your college sounds a lot like high school, and that is not how things should be. Are you able to transfer to a different school?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Now I don't want to go to college! Thanks alot!!

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