As far as transgender what am I?

Ok first off when i was small i apprently knew i was male. Here is the twist I spoke to someone and i apperently have gender dysphoria!! Its an overlapping feeling that cold have been there since i was small but now realizeing it. But as far as sex its a wreck. I can imagine myself as a male but the thought of haveing sex as a female it hurts. As far as identifying myself I use stuff like he him ect. but inside i still feel female.. I hate being called a girl and ma'am and stuff and no no one ever had to tell me i was a boy when i was small.


Its like imagaining yourself on the inside as another person but not as yourself its really weird.... its like when you look in your mind you imagine another person that doesn't match your body and when you look your mirror your reflection doesn't match the person you think of

Update 2:

Its like i am stuck inbetween male and female but in a bad way.

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  • steffi
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    1 decade ago

    i'm not sure if you're male or female in appearance, but it doesn't matter; gender dysphoria is as you describe- being born as one gender and identifying as the other gender. the gender community is a spectrum- many different colors and shades. you will find where you fit if you keep doing the research. i was born transsexual but am now a woman. there are many of us here. you will be shown where to get the information you need online to start. be patient, just for now. you have taken the first step by identifying the problem and asking for help. hugs!

    Source(s): experience.
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