What makes a Truth Seeker a Truth Seeker?

In your humble opinion...

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  • Rob P
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    1 decade ago
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    A seeker is one who chooses to partake on a journey. What they seek and what they ultimately conclude with may vary greatly. This is an individual's journey alone to be a true seeker.

    Truth is a relative term describing that which we truly do not know in its entirety. Personal truth is often the intended meaning however egoistic tendencies prove to prefer others personal truths mirror their own. Groups and organizations are normally formed to set a rule of what is the believed "truth".

    The definitions and descriptions will vary of course. People all view life differently. This is how it is to be.

    Truth is not a static understanding as most of humanity wishes. Truth, like life, is ever growing and ever changing. Seeking is merely that: to seek. It is an act and nothing more.

    To live in Truth is to be Truth. It is not found in seeking but in being. Truth is a state of ISness and cannot be possessed or harnessed.


    Source(s): God is Light, Life & Love. God is Truth.
  • 1 decade ago

    One who seeks truth draws closer to the source of all truth, the one who is full of "grace and truth". Truth is things as they are, and were and what they will be to come. "God" is the possessor of all truth, all virtue, all perfection. In Him dwells truth pure and independently. Therefore the more truth we have the more closer we draw to him. The more knowledge and wisdom we seek the more we think as He thinks, do as he does, and live as he lives. All truth is independent in the sphere in which it was created. True spiritual truth will eventually lead to all truth and knowledge, even physical. We cannot accept one truth and reject another, nor can we, as humans feel we have obtained truth about ourselves, and the universe around us all truth.

    For example the "truth" about evolution and the big bang. All truth will be eventually be reveled and known.

  • Dawn W
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    1 decade ago

    In my humble opinion , it is the nature that you are born with.

  • 1 decade ago

    Uummmm, They seek the truth?

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