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Who is the most Intimidating Team in the NHL?

Remember the old school Flyers where it seemed hitting and fighting was required rather than skating? Are there any teams like that today?

I mean, i'm from NJ, and the Devils aren't really that intimidating, maybe 2 scraps and 1 or 3 big hits a night...I think the Ducks seem pretty scary...whats your opinion? experiences?

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    Skill also brings intimidation. Take versing Red wings, or Chicago. or any fast puck moving team, that prevents fore checking and pushes a defense back into the zone...Goalies also play a role, like Luongo and Nabokov.

    If your talking size than Bruins, Flyers, Ducks, Sharks would be on the the top of the chart.

    ...Before anyone suggests it, Avery's not Intimidating, he's just a "jackass"(yes I know, I'm stooping to Obama's level)

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    Id say Detroit. There not a team that will hit you hard and ofter or drop the gloves alot but they have line after line of talent up front, and really good goaltending and D and can still play very physical. That can be more intimidating, especially for younger players. All hockey players are used to being hit and can avoid fights if they can but a really deep, good veteran team can be really intimidating.

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    The ducks were the most physically intimidating team last year, but they have lost the king of intimidation in Chris Pronger. I'm gonna say the Bruins are equally intimidating physically and skill wise so I say they are the most intimidating.

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    Philly Flyers

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    how about my Buffalo Sabres. all they did all offseason was sign big goons, for a team that has a bunch already.

    we have Rivet - big defenseman, with a lot of heart, and drops the gloves when need be

    guastad - hard hitter, also drops the gloves from time to time

    mair, kaleta

    grier is great on the PK

    montador adds a whole bunch of grit

    cowan - who has a ton of penalty minutes

    fear the buffalo bullies this year

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    They have always had a tough style and with Chara, Lucic, Thornton, and Bitz they will remain that way. These guys can hit and fight. They are a big team that can hit, score, fight, and shut you out.

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    i think the bruins and the canadians are the, most intimidating look at chara he is like 7 foot! plus the canadains always have something going on. P.S. the blackhawks are too

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    blackhawks. they got the 3 biggest fighters in the league. burish, byfuglin, and eager. theres tons of scraps every single game.

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    the swedish meatballs have the dirtiest coach, and with bertussy on the team, I'm sure more players will get run this season.

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    the Flyers are if they can`t beat you on the scoreboard they beat you with their sticks

    Source(s): Truth hurt Flyer fans?
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