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Is my boyfriend thrifty or just a selfish cheapskate?

I've been dating this guy for a year now and we live together. I didn't really notice his cheapness until I moved in. I now have to hide my mouth wash, tylenol, laundry detergent and various other items. I've also been tempted to put a lock on the fridge. He never pitches in for garbage bags, dish washing soap and other nessecary household items. I've seen him steal free soap from the laudermat around the corner only to use it in the machine in our own home. At first I thought his cheapness was result of him just being broke until he left his bank account open on the computer and i noticed that he had about 15K in there. This is a guy that once accused me of stealing $5 dollars from him. Oh and this other time he asked me if I wanted anything from McDonalds, I tol him to get me a happy meal and I even gave him 3 dollars and said I would pay him the different later. He was also going to Longs Drugs for some razors because for some reason..... he doesn't use mine which is surprising. Anyway he came home and and tells me that the line at McDonalds was very long and that he was happy to make me dinner. (Of course it was MY food) The next morning I was my way to way and I noticed a semi-fresh piece of lettuce on my car seat!!! That's right...he went to McDonalds! The dumbass didnt remember to pick the receipt up off the floor!!! When I questioned him as to why he did this he reply was, "happy meals are highway robbery." Even though I had given him half the money for it he still didn't care. The list goes on and on! His excuse is always, "I don't have any cash." Well, the ATM is right up the street buddy! My question is- do you think that if he can't even get me a happy meal , how is he going to ever make me happy??? Someday I would want to have children but I'm scared that he won't buy food, clothing or diapers and I would be left to do so all on my own. Please help!

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    He steals, he lies, he thinks only about himself and doesn't share anything with you.

    I'm sorry to have to break this to you but he's not likely to change.

    Someday you want to have children, do you really want to have them with him?

    Time to make the big decision.

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    The problem is that you are not only having sex with this man....he is practically charging you to do it... UGH...what a thought!

    Heavens, no, you are not being unreasonable....the man is a cad...and CHEAP beyond belief.

    Your question seems well composed to me...and you seem like a lovely person. I know that, in your heart, you know that you have made a dreadful mistake by ever spending one minute of your lovely life with this boy. Do not compound your error by spending any more time in this awful situation.... get yourself out of there as quickly as possible..

    The sad thing is that you will discover that although he may whine, beg, and tell you the most pitiful things to get you to stay....you will not be gone longer than a week before he will be looking around for someone to replace you...

    If the thought of that isn't enough to get you out of there, then I don't know what will....

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    Sounds like he's taking advantage of your niceness. You need to sit him down and just tell it like it is. Many times we hold back because we don't want to hurt feelings, but this is just out of control. A domestic partner should be just that... a partner! Girl, even my platonic roommate treats me better than this guy treats you. If I were you I would read him what you wrote above, then tell him to "man up or get out!"

    PS: If this guy ever loses his job, get ready to support him.

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    WHY are you still with this asshole? DUMP HIM! He is a LOSER!!!! Good Lord!

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    DUMP HIS SORRY *** !!!!!!

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