I smell everything! Any advice?

I smell everything. Like a heightened sense of smell. and my biggest issue... my breath and other people's breath. I can't stand it. I brush my teeth and I think I've drove my husband crazy. To the point that I will hardly be able to kiss him without smelling and tasting everything in his breath. I never had a problem before. and I know it's me... and being pregnant.

I hate it when i open the fridge. I hate touching the garbage. I hate smelling people's breath and even sometimes I smell them...

My husband told me to stop sniffing him.

Kay so I'm like OCD or so it appears ... why and any suggestions to help me cope. and no I can't breathe through my nose...

anyone else a smelling freak??

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    As for smelling your own breath, I would suggest flossing with mint floss or something you like. Floss will often give you fresher breath than just brushing. Plus its good for you, teeth have a way of getting cavities when you are pregnant. (Brushing my teeth and the smell of toothpaste would make me sick, if you have a problem with that I would suggest trying a toddler toothpaste for a while. They don't contain fluoride or half the other stuff in regular toothpaste.) Mouth wash is also good. Encourage the same acts in your husband.

    As for other things, I would suggest going shopping for a strong smelling body wash that lasts and you find comforting, like vanilla maybe? It will help you sort of ward yourself from other scents. Avoid trash cans like they are the plaque, keep the windows in the vehicle rolled up and ask the hubby to help take care of the "smellier" tasks around the house. Such as cleaning out the fridge more regularly than usual.

    Source(s): Cursed with a strong sense of smell in my first pregnancy.
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    hahaha lol yeah my sense of smell was so over powering during pregnancy! I found things that normally the smell of wouldnt bother me at all suddenly made me feel so sick..like the smell of coffee was awful even though i was a coffee drinker! I found that if i took a cotton hankerchief or a silk scarf sprayed with my perfume i cld have a sniff of that to get rid of any nastiness that got into my nose lol just make sure u havent begun to dislike ur perfume i had a few i wld put on then spend the whole day trying to get away from the smell of them! Good luck x

    Source(s): own experience
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    I am a smelling freak. I particularly enjoy sniffing jars of saved farts. BUTT i've noticed that after I take a long whiff of my own butt gas the hairs in my nose burn so that I won't be able to smell anything else for about 15 minutes.

    Being that your prego you should have major gas issues so I would recommend farting into jars and smelling them as often as you can. Trust you won't be able to smell anything!!

    Source(s): www.adfish.com
  • i heard smelling coffee beans will help good luck

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