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Passe Compose (French) question?

Could you explain to me how to make the following sentences into passe compose?

Ils ne les veulent pas. (passe compose with negative and direct or indirect objects)

Il nous conduit. (passe compose with indirect or direct object)

Peux-tu aller avec moi? (passe compose with inversion)

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  • annely
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    "Ils ne les ont pas voulu."

    The direct or indirect object always goes before the first verb (the same way "ne...pas" wraps around the first verb) unless there is an infinitive verb. For example: "Ils ne veulent pas les manger."

    "Il nous a conduit."

    The same thing here as the first one.

    "As-tu pu aller avec moi?"

    As a sentence, this would be: "Tu as pu aller avec moi." All you have to do, is invert the verb and the subject.

    More info here:


  • 1 decade ago

    They do not want.

    He leads us.

    Can you go with me

    -in that order :p

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