Don't you think this is stupid?

Ok, so yesterday my two "friends" stole my bag and took money out of my wallet, I had 3 dollars which was for the rest of the week for lunch, I didn't realize they did until the end of lunch, and I was like give me back my money, and they gave me back two dollars and ran to class saying how they dont have it. So the next day, they're like oh we don't have it, so I'm like u better pay me back and I was so pissed that day so I tried to grab a frech fry from one of their plates, and she was like stop, I dont like when ppl do that, and I was like ***** I dont like when ppl take my money (cuz my family is kinda struggling right now), and I took a french fry and ate it, and she threw a bag of carrots at my face, which got me even more pissed, damn I wanna **** that ************* ugly *** ***** up till she ******* bleeds

so what should I do, I need my fcking doller..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would forget it. I would also get some new friends while I was at it.

    If your friends think it is funny to steal from you then lie, and then throw stuff at you when you do a similar thing to her....put the puzzle pieces together...what do YOU think?

    Good luck.



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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