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am i ruining my tatoo?

i got a tattoo on my back saturday, there is no color, just black. its been itching me so i littly scratched it and there is a little coating of black comming off, am i ruining my tattoo or is it normal?

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    Even lightly scratching your tattoo will cause harm. You need to keep it moisturized w/ a fragrance free lotion and if it still itches then lightly slap your tattoo. If the itching gets really bad then run cold water over it and ice it down for a couple of minutes.

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    I don't know for sure but I would avoid scratching it. You really should avoid touching it while it is healing. A good after care product will help prevent excess scabbing and infection, which can leave your tattoo blemished or scarred. Although some tattooists will recommend different approaches to healing, most will agree on three basic things: keep your tattoo clean, moist and protected from direct sunlight. Try putting some aloe vera on it to help with the itching. It can also help with the healing process.

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    Don't scratch it! That could pull ink out and ruin your tattoo! Its normal to have color in the flakes coming off of it, but don't scratch at it at all or you can cause scarring or worse - give yourself a nasty infection.

    Just keep putting some good quality scent free dye free lotion on it (I use Curel Ultra Healing Lotion) and all will be fine. Itchyness is usually contributed to by letting the tattoo dry out. Keep it moist and it will itch less.

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    When you first get your tattoo, it will scab up and the scab will be the color of your tattoo which does eventually fall off. If you can still see the color underneath the part you scratched off it should be fine but try to avoid scratching it as you may need to get it touched up after it's healed.

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    You may be ruining it! DO NOT scratch it! you could be pulling off some of the scabs and the ink may be coming out. You might ruin it so stop scratching it! if it does look bad when it's all healed then you can get a touch up

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    do NOT scratch! lol as tempting as it is ..

    your tattoo is probably scabbing now .. when you scratch and those little black flakes come off you may be pulling the ink out of your skin ..

    wash the area, pat dry, and keep moisturized with a fragrance-free lotion .. other than that - hands off!

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    if you do scratch it you will notice when it heals properly you will have tiny black patches, or some parts will be lighter than others

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    It will flake, its normal :)

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