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Do you think Jeff Hardy will ever return!?

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    Prior to last Friday's arrest, I would have said that Jeff was going to work on a reality show, write music, perform with his band, ride his motorcycle and catch up on doing things he has not had time to do since he has been wrestling at least 4 shows every week for the last few years. Professional Wrestling does not have an off-season, nor do they give wrestlers time off. Wrestlers have to take time off or be injured in order to get time off. Jeff Hardy is going to be fighting for his freedom and may not be able to return to Professional Wrestling for several years.

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    Yes he Said He Will I Cant Wait For Him To Come Back He Said Hell Be Back In 3-5 Years Probably hes Gonna Be Like Chris Jericho Hes Gonna Play With His Band For A While Then Come Back Most People Dont Like Jeff Hardy But i Love Him♥ Umm And I KNow Ill Probably Get Lots of Thumbs Down Because I Said I Like Jeff hardy BUT I Dont Care

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    dont no, because if jeff is found guilty then he is looking between 3-14 years in jail so i dont think he will if he is

  • Before this weekend i would say yes. But now since he was arrested for selling drugs. I am not sure. Hopefully.

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  • Matt
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    well he might be in jail for up to 14 years

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    he got arreste

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    no he is going to tna

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