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how to stop China?

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    Why stop it?

    The conditions for the poor are improving all the time, leading to better lives for the ordinary people.

    At this rate the manufacturers will run out of things to copy and will have to start producing some of their own ideas and let the west freeload by copying for a while! Will help the wests economy to recover.

    Besides, a stronger country means a stronger currency and so more expensive exports, making the price less attractive and giving home produced products a boost!

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    Why to stop China?

  • Anonymous
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    Here are old Chinese allegorical story: it's said that one day,a mantis who jumps in to a furrow on the road ,and stretching out his front legs try to stop a carriage when he saw it was rolling on to closing to him.

    so, what the final result was you can guess.

  • Simple, let all Chinese become arrogant, lazy and greedy.

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    from buying americas debt?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    say 停...


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