Need help on what could be wrong.?

So my current boyfriend and I have been dating for going on 4 months. N we hung out all the time over the summer n he called me everyday n texted me. When I left to go back to school it was rough. He said he was going to come visit me. He told me he loved me and missed me (cute lol)

Texted me through out the day n made me smile and laugh. well out of the blue he has stopped calling and texting all together and doesn't answer my texts or calls but he does for other people. He hasn't said he misses me or loves me in a week. and the last time I talked to him he called me babe once and brought up some inside jokes, but he was doing this cuz I just got out of the hospital n he didn't pick up his phone when I called to tell him something was wrong. and when I talk to him hes always too tired or is almost like he doesn't want to talk to me. I told him I missed talking to him and why I was upset n asked what was wrong and he said nothing he is just busy and tired and there was nothing wrong. We weren't fighting or anything. Its been this way for the past week and I have talked to his friends and they all say they have no clue what is wrong with him. IDK if it is his way of dealing with me gone or hes stressed or what. It just sucks what do you guys think? I miss him texting me n telling me he misses me n loves me. or even just talking to me at all. I have no idea whats up with him. He seemes depressed, to busy to talk to me, we are 600 miles apart.

there is also one other part. His ex is trying to get back with him and his freinds sware he is not talking to her. so this could be something too.


He isn't in school, He has a full time job working 2nd shift. And we knew that long distance would be rough but I know we can make it. Its just so strange of him that he just stopped everything lol...Im giving hi some space and not texting or calling him to see if he calls me or texts me. So far nothing, its been almost 24 hours. Im hoping things get better soon. I really care about him and miss him

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    1 decade ago
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    Maybe he is busy with his schoolwork and probably didn't have time to check on you. However, long-distance relationship don't usually work out very well. This is something you should discuss with your partner.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm sorry but he's moved on. The only way he could be so stressed as to not keep in contact was if he contracted AIDS and was sent to Afghanistan to find bin Laden and give it to him. He's 600 miles away. Time to move on. He probably found someone else, or whatever physical comfort you gave him, he's not getting so he's looking elsewhere. It happens. It doesn't mean he didn't care deeply about you back then, but sometimes that lovin feeling just goes away. He could also have intimacy issues or he just feels hurt that you're gone and wants a clean break not this lingering tooth you keep flicking around and picking at and licking around. Either way, he wants to let go and the more you pursue him, the more he'll run away. Time to find a dude in your same area code. Saves on phone bills too.

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