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What is it like to live in Daly City, CA?

I heard the rent is cheap and also, it's hard getting a job here in South Carolina so is getting a job easier in Daly? also i heard there were lots of asians there is that true? annd whats the crime rate?

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    I live right by the borderline between San Francisco and Daly City so I can give you a pretty good idea.

    The rent is definitely cheaper compared to living in San Francisco but don't forget that it is still California and right by San Francisco so it won't be that much cheaper. It's about $800 and above. Daly City has alot of Filipinos and Chinese people and yes, there are alot of asians. Especially in San Francisco, like 40% asians. Jobs, well I think you already know CA currently has a high unemployment rate, around 11-12%, so yeah. Jobs are not necessarily easier to find anywhere in this state.

    This area gets EXTREMELY FOGGY I am not even kidding. I've been here only for about 3 months but during this whole time, I swear to god it's foggy like 6-7 times out of ten. But I knew about it as I did some research before I moved here. I like cloudy days :) So you should consider that. But yeah even summertime you'll see alot of people wearing jackets. As far as safety, it's pretty much the same around the world. There are good areas and bad areas. Though, this area is not unsafe as like Oakland or Chicago.

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    Daly City is known as "Little Manila", (Manila is the capitol of the Philippines), cuz there are alot of Filipinos/Filipinas residing in that city. Job-wise? California's economy is VERY, VERY bad. More and more layoffs are happening everyday over here. Do your research before moving to California.

    Source(s): I live in SF East Bay Area.
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