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Does she like me? why is she doing this?

so basicly i started giving eye contact to this girl and now it seems like she looks at me more than i look at her... everytime i look at her shes looking at me... and once i look she QUICKLY turns her eyes another direction... today i decided to sit next to her in class cuz she was sitting by her self cuz her friends werent there... so i grew some balls man'ed up and sat next to her and tryed 2 start a converstation...BUT when i tryed it seemed like she was concentrated SO MUCH MORE on her english work than talking to me... I had to ask all these questions just to get her to talk...does she like me? and was she nervous to talk to me? or did she just not want to talk to me? cuz after class i talked to her some more and she started talking more like she got more comfortable..i really thought she liked me .... but when i saw how she was paying so much attencion to her work that was SO easy 2 do and giving me these quick responses i felt like she wanted me to go away... what do you guys/ girls think? ever had this experience?

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    What do you want from her;do you like her and want her to respond in a manner that validates your feelings for her. According to you,you both play this eye game ,she was talking to you as she walked on her English but you felt that she should have given you her undivided attention.You have to understand that you are not her boyfriend or even a friend yet to expect that kind of response from her.It is also a little premature to be asking if a gal likes you simply because you play the eye game when you really have not spoken to her or know about her and she is in the same position with respect to you.If you like her,why don't you focus on trying to know her and let her get to know you before you start to wonder if she likes you or not.

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    Well, she seems like the type who takes her school work VERY seriously. She might of be the type who puts work before play. because, after class, like you said, she was more talkative towards you. if you want her to talk during her studies, have her help you with some kind of english homework, and after class, strike up a conversation with her. So don't worry, she likes you. just respect her, and her work.

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