Can you watch youtube videos on a blackberry curve from verizon?

I got a blackberry curve from verizon and i want to know if theres an app for youtube or can i just watch videos by using the browser.

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    Yes you can.

  • soules
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    4 years ago

    iPhone iPhone iPhone... i'm a salesperson at at&t, I rather have performed with the two, and that i've got the iPhone. on an identical time as the hurricane can technically perform a little issues that the iPhone cant do (i.e. mms, video recorder, replica and paste...), the interface of the iPhone is seamless, making for a much extra person friendly journey. The iPhone touch reveal screen is going off of the electricity shifting from the preparation of your hands, no longer stress like maximum touch displays. So, making use of the iPhone is sooo plenty less difficult. whilst it includes the easily beneficial aspects of the telephone, you have have been given the iPod (terrific advertising mp3 participant for a reason), seen voicemail, gps, an infinitely less difficult digital mail gadget and information superhighway browser, and all the purposes on the app keep (1000's, a ton that are loose). The clever keyboard makes texting and emailing less difficult on the iPhone as against the formidable's small keys. additionally, i've got heard that the hurricane has a tendency to lag plenty. iPhone is merely an all around extra person friendly and multi-media wealthy telephone. through the way, I had a curve in the previous my iPhone, so i'm telling you from journey that that is plenty plenty extra beneficial. yet there are some reasons that that is advisable to pass with the blackberry over the iPhone. in case you honestly love the blackberry interface, have long nails (the iPhone touch reveal screen is going off of electricity out of your finger, no longer stress out of your nail), or at&t has undesirable coverage the place you reside, then that is advisable to pass with the hurricane. yet whilst no longer, i'd choose for the iPhone. the archives plan is an identical value because of the fact the formidable (with the gps thrown in), and the person friendliness is plenty extra applicable to the two determination. i'm hoping you have got here across this useful.

  • Rick
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    be sure you have a data plan first...


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