what do the bars stand for on the "stars and bars" flag?

i know pretty much all there is to know about the confederacy and the confederate flag, but one thing i have wondered is what the signifigance is to the 3 bars.....????

do U know?


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    The original Confederate flag (Stars and Bars) had 3 thick stripes to resemble the US flag. The population still associated the flag with the War of Independence and wanted to evoke memories of this. Each star symbolised a state that seceded. It looked like this:


    However this flag caused confusion in battle so in 1863 the Confederacy replaced it. The new flag had a prominent cross to emphasise the South's status as a Christian nation. Originally it was part of a larger white flag but because white is associated with surrender they first added a red vertical stripe (symbolising the blood of the soldiers killed for the cause) then got rid of the white altogether. It looked like this:


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    I think people don t no what the stars and bars flag really stand for

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    It seems to me your asking a question about the wrong flag . 13 stars 13 bars >> Original Colonies

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