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Whyu would Sri Lanka be interested in conducting a war crimes probe into the last 3 months of conflict?

when the only kind of probe that could guarantee the end of violence would be a thirty year probe and if the UN does not call for that and expose all the foreign elements that have greatly affected human rights of ALL peoples in Sri Lanka then Sri Lanka certainly does not have to conduct further investigations on a video that has already been proved to be doctored and a timeline that is fraudulent from a group that remains a mystery. Going back thirty years will show the continued play by foreign hands in funding, supporting, militarizing and engineering the escape of terrorists. If Adele Balasingham and her philosophy to this very day of training suicide bombers, child soldiers and indoctrinating youth to take cyanide instead of revealing information about LTTE leadership is brought to the courts then Sri Lanka would surely investigate alleged abuses further. No matter how a print editor might decide to call terrorists as "fighters" the reality remains that the the LTTE is the most ruthless and deadly terror organization in the world.


Bimal Rathnayake can try to make a linguistic ambuguity where there is none but it is well known that IDPs were rescued by security forces and it was a limited number of LTTE that were aprehended or surrendered - quite like what happened with the JVP. The UNP/Ranil JVP and LTTE are all very close to being defunct quasi-political/quasi-terrorist organizations. We don't have to allow such into the political landscape of Sri Lanka.

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    Don't complain, at least it's a start.

    If someone gets arrested, then charged, then convicted, maybe they will get braver.

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