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Will Venus Williams ever win another Grand Slam?

I was hoping she, like her younger sister Serena, would win at least 10 singles Grand Slams, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen!

She's just starting to look old and her game is declining! And it's sad because Venus should have at least 11 slams by now and she have won 11 or 12 had it not been for her letting Serena take 5 from her in 02- 03 Grand Slam finals they met in!

I just wish she could get it together and pull off 3 more! The way the WTA tour is looking at the moment she could do it if she tried hard enough and focused!!!

I put nothing past the Williams sisters... when you think they're down, out and done, they shock the world!

There's a lot of young players on the women's tour now and they're only going to get better! And Venus is just getting older and older and don't seem to be able to win on any surface except grass (Wimbledon) and Serena's going to be gunning for that for anohter 3-5 years! And unless she's bounced out by someone Venus won't win there either!!!

But, I feel with her game alone,her heart.... and mental toughness she should be able to win at least 1 to 2 more although i'd like to think she can get to 10 (it's only 3 away).

And she did say she plan on playing until 34 and the 2016 Olympics! I just feel she should be able to squeeze in 3 more singles slams... she deserves it!

And for the record I love Serena but she gets on my nerves..She's too spoiled! And if it wasn't for her spoiled *** Venus would be so much more accomplished!

So.... do you think Venus will retire with 7... do you think she's already won her last grand slam and that her chances to win more are OVER and DONE... or do you think she'll play on until her mid 30's (another 4-5 years) like she's claimed and win a couple more?

Do you think she'll ever win another Wimbledon?

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    I think another Wimbledon title is possible, but not other slam titles. It is becoming more and more apparent that Serena is the more talented tennis player of the two, which is why Richard Williams seemed to favor Serena from the beginning.

    Venus' game has more technical flaws in it, and her serve and forehand are more prone to break down these days. The grass still suits her game well, so I think she still has a couple of Wimbledon titles left to grab before her career is over. I root for her (rather than Serena) because she's also a very nice person, and has become an ambassador for women's tennis.

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    This is a tough call. I mean, like you said she's a Wimbledon master but there are so many up and coming players. And you make a good point by saying that her game is declining, cuz it has lately. But I think that when she gets on her court (grass) she feels like she can win the whole thing and gets more confidence, so I'd say yeah, maybe 1 or 2 more Wimbledons is my guess.

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    Her best chance is at Wimbledon, where she feels most comfortable and plays with more confidence.

    With the current crop of women, she definitely has a chance but she does need to work on her serve a bit.

    It remains to be seen how the next up and coming women will perform.

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    I'm not sure how many more she will win but I'm going to say she'll win 2 more wimbledons and maybe 1 more US opens!

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    I don't care and don't watch when they play. Why would you see bad attitude/behavior tennis player? I absolutely did not see John McEnroe's play. I don't watch sport filled with nasty player. I did watch a good game between Clisjter vs Wozniacki, and Federer vs Del Potro.

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    Well Serena is doing alot better than her, and they are both great players, but i think it will be tough because Kim Clijsters is back!

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    who knows.

    shes got it in her, and the womens field isnt that strong as long as someone takes care of Serena before the final.

    ( or serena takes herself out like shes prone to do )

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    yep , and yeah she'll probably win wimbledon again shes the grass court queen or was.

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    She will have several more wins down the road.

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    Of course, she will win 5 more GS.

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