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Should I make the killer in my novel use only a knife or a gun too?

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    Well, you should only have one weapon. For example, if you are doing those creepy killers who appear at night time and break into people's houses, it should be knife, because like every criminal, they should be silent and just creep like a shadow through the house. I would know, I wrote a killer novel and using a gun would be a too much easy task for him/her. You should make the book have all these twists and turns. And if the killer should have both weapons? Only one weapon. If it's just a homeless guy, use a gun. But the killer, like a seriously creepy guy, he should use only ONE weapon he used to kill EVERY victim. Trust me, it's something very smart to think about.

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    Please give some more details.

    But I would say for the killer to use only a knife. There is so much more that can be done with a knife than a gun; so much more pain can be inflicted with a knife. In contrast, when a gun is used, the person's life comes to an end too quick, that is, there is not enough suffering involved. Also, so much more can be written in description of violence perpetrated with a knife.

    Here is another example of a brutal method of torture and murder which you could use (for male victims only):

    1.The Torture.

    The victim is stripped of all their clothing. They are laid on their stomach with their hands and feet are bound. Piano wire is then passed around the victims scrotum and neck. Therefore, as the (male) victim struggles to free themselves, the strain on the wire causes their genitalia to become separated from their bodies, causing grievous pain.

    2. The Kill.

    The victim remains in the position they were in during part 1 of the method. Piano wire is now passed around the victims neck and feet. Once again, the strain on the wire causes a slow, excruciating death by asphyxiation.

    Beautiful, is it not?

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    A knife is a much extra intimate weapon, requiring an attacker to get interior of touch variety of the meant objective. generally a knife makes it possible for lots extra of a actual launch for the attacker than gun does. If it have been me, a stalker could use a knife. he's stalking because of the fact he's have been given some emotional connection with is victims. additionally a gunshot attracts interest and stalkers are often cowards and that they certainly does no longer p.c. that. it is your novel in spite of the incontrovertible fact that so which you would be able to desire to p.c.. stable success.

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    Suggest that they use one weapon only - using two weapons smacks of them not knowing what they are doing

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