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What's your take on this earlier Q? Would you live off $300/mo?;_ylt=AlSrz...

At first I thought providing for yourself and two babies off $300/mo presented an interesting challenge -- I still do, actually; would you do it? Could it be done? Would you spend a year never buying yourself anything at all -- not a single book, pair of shoes, new set of sheets, haircut, and on and on?

...but then the question became increasingly bugfuck. Babies to have nil by mouth but breast milk for 1yr. I have never heard of vegetables. Let's keep the HBO. Mom is living off ramen while Dad buys his lunches instead of brown-bagging. And does anybody save $300/mo when they're living that close to the wire? And am I unrealistic in being so surprised that $45k/yr would leave Mom with an almost welfare-level budget?

It was a weird q and I can't get it out of my head...


These are a lot of interesting answers -- thanks all!

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  • Twox2
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    1 decade ago
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    Wow, that is really really stretching it if you ask me. My sons starting eating solid food by 6 months and by 12 months they were on mainly solids so the theory of no food for the 1st 12 months just went out the door. My boys were premies and never got the hang of breastfeeding - I pumped but we had to supplement with formula. And take it from someone who knows - whole milk alone for twins is just about $50 a month (we buy 3 gallons at a time, 4 times a week). Guess there will be no food or juice bought since the $50 will be gone. (I always shop with coupons and buy the cheaper store brands).

    I guess I am more selfish than I thought after reading this but there is no way I would - sure maybe I could do this - but no, I have no interest. I grew up with pretty much nothing as a kid. I vowed that when I had kids that they wouldn't have to live in an atmosphere where the parents had to worry about money all of the time like my mother had to do. Doesn't make for a good life worrying about money all of the time.

    Things happen, cars need fixed, kids get sick more than you expect so that means extra co pays at the docs. People that you think you can count on for help, drop out and can't do it because they have things come up in their own lives.

    I have twins in daycare and yes it is expensive but we still make more money to save, spend, etc as a couple even with daycare expenses.

    I should and will consider myself a little luckier today that I don't have to make this sort of decision for my family. Thanks, I missed this the 1st time around.

    Source(s): No doctors or lawyers here either.
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  • Priorities are so backwards here it's not even funny. And how in the world does she figure those babies will eat NOTHING except breast milk for a year?? My son was eating table food with gusto by 7 months, same with my daughter. Those babies will be screaming at the dinner table. I believe she's in for a big reality check.

    Another thing that freaked me out was the calorie counting and cup counting of cheerios. Who rations food for a baby? They are hungry, you feed them. It's that simple. The idea of limiting a babies food intake to ensure he stays within a certain calorie count is absurd. I am envisioning her at the table a year from now saying ''No more fruit today Junior, you've already eaten your half a piece of fruit..'' All while dad is buying his lunches and kicking back watching his HBO.

    I think this lady has grossly under-estimated what she will really end up needing to spend. I can only hope that she, in her fervent desire to stay within a 300 budget, does not deprive her kids of the food and other things they need. I would lose my internet and satellite in a second if paying from them took away from my children.

    I am fortunate in that even though we do have rough months (unexpected expenses, etc) we do pretty good. We live in a decent house, I drive a suitable minivan (granted, it's 10 years old) and my kids always have food, drinks, toys, books and everything they need and then some.

    I am grateful because I know there are so many out there that cannot even afford the basics. Micheal Moore put it best when he recently said in an interview ''Middle class America is no longer truly middle class, they are the working poor. And where does that leave truly poor people nowadays? It leaves most of them one payment away from being on the street''.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Her whole question just weirds me out. How can they justify keeping cable/HBO/internet and husband's "allowance" when mom and two babies need to live off of $300? I spend more than that on groceries for two adults and a toddler.

    We live on much more than $45,000 a year but still do budget sort of tight - this is because of a small amount of debt and a largish mortgage payment. We still live comfortably though, just don't have all of the extra comforts we had pre-baby. (eating out a lot, going out, vacations, buying lunches at work, etc)

    The weirdest part of that question (and the second question Hannah's mommy posted) is that she has even the cups of milk and Cheerios budgeted - what toddler "needs" Cheerios? It's as if she thinks they won't show any desire for solids until they are a year? Granted Elyse didn't really start eating till 10 months but she was definitely grabbing our food and at least playing with it from about 6.5 months on...

    Very strange family...

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    1 decade ago

    I saw that question but didnt answer it cause i thought the woman was insane and delusional to think she can make that work and feed them so little when they turn one year....

    That being said i feed a family of 5 on 400 dollars a month no food banks or ne other kind of aid everything is made from scratch including our bread sometimes and any other kind of snack foods...That doesnt include formula or diapers though but i feed all 5 of us on 400$(2 adults a 7 yr old and 2 very food happy babies) a month and we never go hungry. If she save less money and shifts things around and if she sticks to breastfeeding she may actually be able to do that but i dont see how with 45K a year they dont have more money.......We make WAYYYY less than that. No we dont have luxuries and i havent bought new clothes in months but i dont need them and if i want a book i buy them used we have cable and internet and i work it into the budget...We sacrifice a whole lot so i can stay home.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a SAHM, I live off of less than $300/mo...

    BUT, hubs does all the budgeting, bill paying, etc. We do our grocery shopping together, he pays. When it comes to clothes and things for the kids, never a question asked, the $ is there... Last week I mentioned I needed some new clothes soon, we went on friday when he got paid and I got everything I needed. We spent maybe $250, but this included stuff for the kids too (can't pass up clearance racks at Old Navy) But that was the first time I really spent $ since I left my job in March to have our son.One other time my friend called about 50% off diapers at a local grocery store, so I went and bought them allll, every size.

    I cut coupons and REALLY stretch $, I'm a bargain shopper, if it's not on clearance or absolutely necessary, I won't get it.

    Last grocery bill was $309, after coupons $190... I rarely pay for wipes, baby lotion and baby wash, I get $1 off coupons that double, so for example huggies or johnson & johnson baby wash was 2.99 on sale for 2.19, I paid .19 cents a piece. same with wipes. (i stock up when it's a deal like this)

    I'm a home body so I don't spend $.

    We only have 1 car so he takes it to work (my mom lives 2 blocks away and has 3 cars, so I can use 1 if I ever need to)

    We always make fun that the kids are richer than us, hubs puts $ in their college funds whenever we can plus any $ from grandparents and relatives goes there.

    Hubs makes anywhere from $32k-$45k, so some months steak dinners are the norm, sometimes spaghetti is.

    SO MY ANSWER IS: yes I could budget $300/month but ONLY if I didn't have to buy groceries with that $.

    And I ALWAYS have some cash on me for anything the kids or I may need but I can hold on to $40 for weeks without spending it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Judging by her "past credit card usage" and student loan bills, it's not the first time she's underestimating what things will cost.

    I know I couldn't live off 300/month but I also know there's a lot of sacrifices I'd make to stay home with my child. It's a noble cause, but not if you can't wrap your head around the priorities. And if my choice were wholesome meals or HBO I would certainly not choose the HBO.

    Sadly people live on less all the time. Welfare in the states for a family of three is 432/month cash and that's expected to include housing, utilities, etc. which obviously isn't reasonable.

    45k a year IS a welfare-level budget for a family that size. She could qualify for WIC

    and subsdized health care at that level of income and family size.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My answer may sound a bit OT, but it is more economical for a mom to stay home with her children than to have them in daycare, unless she is a doctor or a lawyer. Day care costs a LOT of money, as do work clothes and lunches for Mom, vehicle expenses going to and from work, and then it is very common for working moms to pick up dinner on the way home because they are so exhausted after working all day.

    Can she do what she said on $300 a month? I think it might be possible, BUT she would have to be totally dedicated to making every penny stretch much further than she may have dreamed.

    Breastfeeding is not only economical, it is also exponentially healthier for babies, which reduces illnesses and visits to the doctor.

    However, it is not realistic for her to think she can breastfeed the twins for one whole year. They will want to start eating soft foods at around 6 or 7 months of age. That's what their doctor will advise, too.

    If she buys cloth diapers -- especially if she can get some from friends or buy them used, at the website someone posted -- that will be a big help. Disposable diapers are expensive. At the same time, she would have to be willing to wash, dry, and fold a LOT, with twins. She could even make her own baby wipes (cheap, and very good) and also buy baby clothes on consignment.

    I agree with those who question having HBO. Basic cable would save them a lot of money.

    I think the couple CAN do it if they are willing to be realistic, make sacrifices, and work TOGETHER, instead of one of them making all the sacrifices.

    Sounds like a BIG baby shower from friends and relatives might be a big help too! ;-)

    Source(s): years of life experience
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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    we have more than $300 a month...but we live on so little that we don't get to buy any of the things you mentioned.

    i could live extremely comfortable on $45k a year though...very.

    we do get things sometimes, as in birthday presents that USUALLY get spent on fun stuff.

    i don't know if $300 a month is really possible considering most peoples rent is at least double that, no?

    i think its common anymore for young families to have JUST enough for bills and none left over for luxuries...and when i say that i mean sometimes hair conditioner or deoderant is a luxury. :)

    but you know, people all over the world have much less than even the poor people here in america...and while it may not be fun... (especially seeing the tv with all the rich people spending like there is no tomorrow and they own the world) but when you don't watch tv and such the want for those things falls away anyway.

    i went to costa rica and could literally eat three huge meals for about $3 a day...and the people who lived there likely lived on not much more than that a day...and they were the happiest people i've ever met.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are weeks that I spend MORE then $300.00. There is no way that I would allow that to happen. Yes, living on 45K would cause some cuts, but the day that my hubby ever gave me an "allowance" to buy food and necessities would be a cold day in hell.

    Both her and her hubby have a screw loose.;_ylt=AsX6t...

    She posted another question, and then blocked me : (

    She still thinks she can feed her kids that garbage. She is also under the mistaken impression that whole milk (4 cups a day!) is the mainstay of the diet

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  • Diet C
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    1 decade ago

    It is weird, I don't get the whole plan of keeping the luxuries (premium cable channels and high speed internet) while breastfeeding mom eats like a college student. It makes no sense to me.

    Also, why does dad get $300 a month all to himself and mom gets $300 a month to split between two babies and her? It doesn't sound right to me.

    There's no way that I could live off of $300 a month. Not realistically and comfortably anyway, probably not even at all to be honest.

    It sounds like she had to talk really fast to get her husband to let her stay home and she just threw numbers out, hopefully she gets on some level that this can't be done without her and her twins' health suffering (not even going to touch the no food until 1 year, that's just insanity).

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