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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Lisbon Treaty... Again! (Europe’s hidden agenda) Ireland Vote NO!?

Dear Friend,

Last year, we, the Irish people, having given it due consideration, exercised our sovereignty by deciding that the Lisbon Treaty was not in our best interests, and, therefore, rejected it in the national referendum

However, instead of calling a halt to the whole Lisbon agenda, as they could have done, the Irish government almost immediately kowtowed to pressure from Brussels who, in a previously unseen display of arrogance and contempt for a sovereign people, promptly rejected the decision, condemned the Irish people for daring to make it, and has now ordered another referendum, so that the Irish can give the "right" answer.


Nothing Has Changed: We'll Be Voting

On The Exact Same Treaty Again!

Why I'm Voting No To The Lisbon Treaty... Again!

Lie #1: "Voting No Caused Our Economic Problems"

Ireland's economic problems were evident long before the first Lisbon Treaty referendum. In spite of the global financial melt-down, most of our current economic problems were actually caused by the government itself,

Lie #2: "We Owe Them!"

Another argument by those in favour of the Lisbon Treaty amounts to little more than "You ungrateful bastards. You've done well out of the E.U., so approve this treaty!"

Apart from the downright insulting nature of this line of argument, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans: Ireland has 23% of the E.U.'s fishery waters, which produces 40% of all EU fish. But our quota (the amount Brussels will allow us to catch) is: 4%. This is because, when Ireland joined the E.E.C. in the 1970s, it had to hand over it's fishing rights in perpetuity and allow other E.U. nations to fish in Irish waters. In return, Irish farming was to be saved by Brussels.

Now, both our farming and fishing industries have been decimated by E.U. policies: Incredibly, Irish fisherman are forced to throw millions of euro of dead fish back into the water, or face arrest; and we import fish caught in Irish waters, processed on the continent, and sold back to Ireland! To date, other E.U. nations have benefited from Irish fishing resources to the tune of nearly €200 billion.

Since the E.U. Commission claims Ireland has received over €61 billion since accession, this means that for every €1 we got from the E.U., we gave it €3.28 in return!

And we're the ungrateful bastards! i GUESS

why vote NO!

1# The Lisbon Treaty will create a European "President",

2# The Lisbon Treaty will give the larger states, like Germany, even more power to impose their will on the smaller states, like Ireland.

3# The Lisbon Treaty will give Ireland no input (at all) in decision making for 5 out of every 15 years.

4#The Lisbon Treaty will allow the E.U. to interfere in Irish tax affairs and other important economic interests. It will help them to eliminate Ireland's low corporate tax rate, the only real competitive advantage we have left. (This is something the larger states have been trying to do for years.)

5#The Lisbon Treaty will give the EU exclusive competence over 'Foreign Direct Investment' in Ireland. We'll have to go to the E.U. and ask permission to do the same things we've always done to attract jobs into Ireland.

6# The Lisbon Treaty will enshrine EU law as superior to Irish law. Nothing in the Irish Constitution will be able to challenge EU law, making it worth less than the paper its written on.

P.S. - The Lisbon Treaty & Abortion:

one of the largest political parties in Sweden, the Liberal People's Party,will use the Lisbon Treaty to attempt to force the introduction of abortion in Ireland. FACT

will you vote NO?


extremely sorry about the long read.


I couldn't agree more jedi, and what a wonderful country portugal is, we can only hope ireland vote NO

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    It's funny how you say we will get no imput into what goes on within the EU yet you make out that bringing in abortion is a bad thing. Yet if we keep the no abortion rule, people who wish to have abortions have no say. It's their choice not yours not mine and certanly not the governments so why not bring it in.

    This president that will be elected to speak for us in the lisbon keeps us informed with the changes, they become the voice of the people and the government. One is elected from each country. If they were doing a bad job at being the voice of Ireland I'm sure our president or the government with over rule the one we elect and a new spokesperson will be elected.

    1. Lisbon Promotes our Values:

    Article 2 states: "The EU is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values are common to the Member States in a Society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail."

    Article 3 (5) states: "In its relations with the wider world the Union shall uphold and promote its values and interests and contribute to the protection of its citizens. It shall contribute to peace, security, the sustainable development of the earth, solidarity and mutual respect among peoples, free and fair trade, eradication of poverty and the protection of human rights, in particular, the rights of the child as well as the strict observance and the development of international law, including respect for the principles of the United Nations Charter".

    2. Lisbon Strengthens Social Rights

    The Charter of Fundamental Rights contains the body of civil, political, social and economic rights agreed by the EU in 2000. The emphasis on economic and social rights, including workers' rights, is unique. At present the Charter has the status only of a declaration but when the Lisbon Reform Treaty is ratified it will be binding in Law.

    3. Lisbon Respects Ireland's Neutrality

    The Lisbon Reform Treaty does not alter Ireland's neutrality in any way. Under the Common Foreign and Security Policy all EU civil and military missions must be first agreed by all Member States and must be in accordance with the United Nations Charter. Ireland's proud record of participation in missions abroad under the UN mandate to places of conflict such as Kosovo, the Lebanon and, most recently, Chad will continue as before

    4. Lisbon Deepens the rights of Citizens

    Under Article 8 "every national of a Member State shall be a citizen of the Union. Citizenship of the Union shall be additional to national citizenship and shall not replace it".

    Article 8(b)4 states: "Not less than one million citizens who are nationals of a significant number of Member States may table the initiative of inviting the Commission, within the framework of its powers, to submit any appropriate proposal on matters where citizens consider that a legal act of the Union is required for the purpose of implementing the Treaties".

    Thus the Lisbon Treaty provides any citizen or group of citizens with an independent mechanism for placing an issue on the EU Agenda.

    Source(s): 7. Lisbon Fights Global Poverty Article 188 (d) states that "Union development co-operation policy shall have as its primary objective the reduction and, in the long-term, the eradication of poverty". In Article 188J a strong commitment is given to Humanitarian Aid "for the purpose of third countries which are victims of natural and man-made disasters". 8. Lisbon Tackles Climate Change The Lisbon Reform Treaty gives a legal basis for combating climate change for the first time. Thus the EU is taking on a leadership role in tackling the most serious environmental problem facing the world, namely, climate change. Article 174 of the Treaty is amended to commit the EU to "Promoting measures at international level to deal with regional or worldwide environmental problems and, in particular, combating climate change". In the end this is the people's choice let the people choose. As for the EU changing our laws this won't be happening just like taxes are up to Ireland to make the changes in the budget they don't have a say I'd no room to print the rest
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  • 3 years ago

    Lisbon is Europe's second-oldest capital and after home to the world's greatest explorers like Vasco da Gama, Magellan and Prince Henry the Navigator, becoming the initial true world town, the capital of an empire spreading total continents, from South America (Brazil) to Asia (Macao, China; Goa, India) and know you are able to invest a few time to learn that old town, with hotelbye is wherever you need to start. The most recognized of Lisbon's key attractions could be the St. George's Castle. This fort instructions a wonderful place near Alfama on the crown of a mountain overlooking the Portuguese capital. That is among Lisbon's hottest tourist destinations. Its remarkable battlements, interesting memorial, and intriguing archaeological website combine to really make the fortress a rewarding experience for the whole family, and young ones particularly will like clambering over the stable surfaces and systems that encircle the grounds.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As for abortion I agree with the Lisbon treaty. It's time for women to be given back their natural right to have control over their own bodies and their own health!!!

    However, my agreement ends here.

    As for the rest, I'm with you. The EU is already subjugating the smaller states to the powerful ones, and this treaty only reinforced that with its policies on quotas. Portugal has also been forced to through tons of dead fish to the sea. Plus we used to be europe's orange provider, and now we have to eat Spanish orange, which sucks as it's completely adulterated with chemical substances. The Bosnian word for Orange is Portucalia for Christ sake! The same has already happened to our milk industry. A couple of years ago, milk producers organized a protest, because they had their stocks filled with milk and couldn't sell it!!!

    I will be hoping for Ireland to vote NO!! :)

    Source(s): I'm from Lisbon. My country, Portugal, is becoming Spanish territory, because of the EU policies. It's like we have been invaded again, but this time economically and not belligerently. And this time we wont be getting our independence back, because Spain has the EU machine behind its moves. It's humiliating for the second most ancient country in the world (after China) to live days such as these!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow. I was going to actually bother to give an answer but to be honest I think I'll leave it and just some up your claims with one word.


    Now go do some reading and learn why everything you just ranted is moronic.

    Source(s): Irish
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