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Help i got a Yahoo Messenger Virus and it also disables msconfig regedit task manager?

my cousin got a new iPod and we got to to buy some songs for his iPod Suddenly my cousin did see a file with a .EXE on it wich he opens the file did not open at all then now my Task Manager Registry Editor and Boot.Ini Settings are disabled and when i open them it says [Task Manager Disabled by Your Administrator],[Registry Editor Disabled by Your Administrator] Then i decided to search on the internet for answers but every single one did not help me well they told me to try to put this on run REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f also another one of that for the Registry Editor Sorry i forgot what it is then the Task Manager Has Been Disabled by Your Administrator was gone also on the Registry Editor but it only pops out and then closes for a second i tried in the Group Policy But no help i even downloaded Malwarebytes Task Manager Heal i even used my Super Anti Spyware but nothing it also sends a massage to an infected site

These Are its Massages That i Do Not Understand [Dont go to the Website]

Vao day nghe bai nay di ban

Biet tin gi chua, vao day coi di

Vao day nghe bai nay di ban

Trang Web nay coi cung hay, vao coi thu di

Vao day nghe bai nay di ban

Tra lai em niem vui khi duoc gan ben em, tra lai em loi yeu thuong em dem, tra lai em niem tin thang nam qua ta dap xay. Gio day chi la nhung ky niem buon...

Vao day nghe bai nay di ban

Trang Web nay coi cung hay, vao coi thu di

Vao day nghe bai nay di ban

Toi di lang thang lan trong bong toi buot gia, ve dau

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    1 decade ago
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    Do one thing because it blocked you Registory taskeditor and msconfig... the name of the virus is " TROJ_MAGICPS.A "

    which is infecting your PC

    Just Login to this website and do online virus scan


    And after that dowload

    Download KIS 2010 Trail Version for free 30 days and download it on you PC and do some DEEP SCANNING


    If you liked it services and its work..

    you Purchase Full Version...3 Users..

    You can Ask 2 of your close friends to add some money and buy 3 users pack and use within your self...

    its not that Expensive but the most Effective Antivirus..

    And that will surely help you..

    Or else you can download Avira Or Avast from


    They are also Best antivirus but freeware..

    Its better to keep freeware if you don't have IMPORTANT Doc.. or Important Files..

    If you Both Important Doc and Files.. its always Recommened to Buy Best software which will help you keep you Personal Information uptil your hand only..and KIS 2010 is best with Paid services... MY OWN Experience...

    Do some of these steps and you will be more than happy...

    All the best

    Take care

    H/W Server Engg

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