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What can I do as a Legal Adult?

Turning 18 tomorrow.

What exactly can I do now?

I know I can buy cigarettes, and get drafted, or be held to a binding contract... What else?

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    - Get the water bill in your name

    - Drink alcohol in some foreign countries

    - Lease an apartment

    - Rent a house

    - Finance a car

    - Serve (not pour) alcohol in restaurants.

    - Sign yourself out of school

    - Work practically anywhere

    - Start your own business in your own name

    - Cash a savings bond

    - Buy nitrous oxide

    - Give a lap dance

    - Rent a car in New York (and some mom and pop rental places)

    - Get a lap dance

    - Rent a post office box

    - Drive a company vehicle

    - Drive an ice cream truck

    - Buy a house

    - Breaks at work are no longer required

    - Start a 401k plan

    - Apply for benefits at work

    - More stress

    - Pay taxes

    - Get a PayPal account

    - Star in an adult film

    - Get a passport without parental consent

    - Buy over the counter medication

    - Get summoned for Jury Duty

    - Get a medicinal marijuana card in California without parental consent.

    - Buy tobacco products

    - Change your name

    - Get a tattoo

    - Get a piercing

    - Buy spray paint

    - Work more hours

    - File a lawsuit

    - Be sued

    - Pawn something

    - Get married

    - Get divorced

    - Adopt a child

    - Be on Jerry Springer

    - Book a Cruse on some Cruise lines

    - Buy a lottery ticket

    - Get a hotel room

    - Call some “900″ numbers

    - Go to a 18+ night club

    - Get a Sam’s club membership

    - Skydive

    - Sign legal documents

    - Gamble at some places, like Indian Casinos in Oklahoma and card clubs in Minnesota

    - Gamble online

    - Get a blockbuster membership

    - Get a loan

    - Go to most comedy shows at The Improv and other stand-up joints

    - Buy insurance

    - Donate blood (without parental permission)

    - Enlist in the military

    - Rent a movie

    - Get a non-prepaid cell phone contract

    - Sign a legal contract

    - Begin earning credit

    - Smoke a cigarette

    - Chew tobacco

    - Move out of your parent’s house

    - Get paid more

    - Go to an adult jail

    - Go to Hookah lounges

    - Be convicted as an adult

    - Become an undercover cop

    - Work full-time

    - Become a flight attendant

    - Purchase Nicorette gum

    - Purchase “the patch” , and “the pill”

    - Drive any time of day

    - Visit a porn site

    - Visit a porn store

    - Become a stripper

    - Work in an alcohol serving establishment

    - Work in bar

    - Take bar-tending classes in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Some cities in Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Some cities in Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, West Virgina, Wisconsin.

    - Get a business license

    - Go to a strip club

    - Work in a strip club

    - Work in a night club

    - Vote

    - Pay a utility bill

    - Open a savings account

    - Open a checking account

    - Obtain a credit card

    - Enter a contest

    - Enter a sweepstakes

    - Buy a monkey (w/ a license)

    - Open an eBay account

    - Buy a Gun

    - Carry a weapon (w/ a license)

    - Order something off T.V. (like a ShamWow!)

    - Write a check

    - Operate some machinery at work

    - Become a mentor with Big Brothers, Big Sisters

    - Go bungee jumping

    - Work at a gas station

    - See a doctor on your own

    - Sell Tobacco Products

    - Get a different type of driver’s license

    - Rent a port-a-potty in most states

    - Get drafted for the military

    - Date men or women as old as you want (over 16)

    - No curfews apply in the US

    - Become a ride operator at theme parks

    - Buy “M” rated video games

    - Buy the CDs with the parental stickers on them (leaglly at least, i think)

    - Go to bars and drink in Mexico and most of Europe

    - Buy stock

    -Buy white out

    -Buy rubber cement

    -Buy dry ice

    -Go tanning at a tanning salon

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    If you commit a crime, you will automatically be held, tried, and charged as an adult (that is, you'll go to adult jail, not juvenile hall).

    Your parents no longer have effective legal control over your life. If you want to live separately from them, you can do so, and they can't stop you. On the other hand, they now have no legal obligation to continue to provide for you, so they can legally kick you out, if they want. Similarly, they don't have to help pay for school, or food, or anything.

    Nothing else special good comes from turning 18. Its a bit strange, since in most countries becoming a legal adult is also the age you can start drinking (like 18 in Mexico and 20 in Japan), but in the U.S. the two ages are different.

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    Buy cigarettes and other tobacco products.

    Buy lottery tickets.


    Get drafted.

    Sign contracts.

    Be tried as an adult.

    Get married without parental consent (some states allow this for people younger than 18).

    Get a commercial driver's license.

    Get into some clubs.

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    Now you can make choices that you may regret later in life.

    You could get a tatoo. You can vote. You can go to jail. Pay Keno and lottery.

    Advise: Don't get lippy with your parents about "how you are an adult now", you need whatever support they offer you. That attitude will make them show you the bad sides of being an adult. Besides that kind of whining sounds so immature. -I was bratty at 18, so I thought I'd reflect.

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    Wellll, depending on where you are in the world/states, whichever...

    you can:

    vote =]

    cigarettes/cigars/smoking related devices (pipes, lighters, etc)

    get your butt kicked by people over the age of 18 without them having to worry about child abuse

    not have sex with anyone under 18 anymore (again, depending on where in the states you are)

    go to jail (not fun)

    basically, a lot more responsibilities await.

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    Tried as an Adult in a crime. Apply for a Credit Card, get a student loan, open a bank account, watch R-rated movies. (lol) Not really anything that's all that different or exciting...

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    o to Hookah lounges

    - Be convicted as an adult

    - Become an undercover cop

    - Work full-time

    - Become a flight attendant

    - Purchase Nicorette gum

    - Purchase “the patch” , and “the pill”

    - Drive any time of day

    - Visit a porn site

    - Visit a porn store

    - Become a stripper

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    Well lets see, you can VOTE, open your own checking account, get a tattoo/piercing without parent consent, jury duty, file a lawsuit, die for your country, be held responsible for your actions, go to a strip club, rent a car, make something of yourself, and whatever the hell else you want.....!

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    If you lived gotta wait 'till your 19 to get in the bar. Don't get too eager with your freedom luv.....18 can send ya to jail too! Be responsible now that you're an adult! You'll be fine!

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