How to take better history notes?

I'm in AP US and we get daily quizzes about the reading...but none of the things I take notes on are on the quiz so I have to try and remember what he is asking for from around 15 can I tell what is important? I try to get names but I forget them while trying to remember all the other stuff I write down.....

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    1 decade ago
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    we have these too, and i know how hard they can be.

    you should ask your teacher what you should focus on. our teacher gave us a list of topics that were very important before we started the chapter, and that way, when we took notes, we knew what was important and what wasn't.

    if that doesn't help, go on the website below. it does a good job of taking notes and usually has most of the important things that you'll need to know for the AP exam.

    good luck! :]

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    What I did in US AP is got my own textbook and highlighted it

    Highlighting your own textbook makes it much easier to look over it afterwards to review because you can cut a lot of crap out of the text

    Textbooks like the American Pageant 12th edition were around 20$ used on amazon

    If that doesnt work, use prep books(kaplan,5 steps to a 5, princeton)

    If that doesn't work, cheat

    Source(s): Took World History AP - got a 4 on final exam (used own textbook too) Taking US History AP currently Gl!
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