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Is my baby pregnant??????

I am 14 weeks pregnant and i was having unprotected sex with my husband. Recently my bump grew even biger almost as though there was a second baby growing in me, that isnt possible so did my husband get my baby pregnant by accident?

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    Yup - your baby is pregnant with twins. It's definitely an amazing feat on both your husband and your baby's part, considering you're pregnant with a boy.

    For the record, your grandchildren/step-kids are the reincarnations of Sasquatch and the Tooth Fairy.

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    There is no way possible..

    But maybe your pregnant with twins & you conceived them at the same time. Have you had an ultrasound done yet?

    Good Luck

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    Sweetheart that is not possible. Once you are pregnant you are no longer ovulating and your baby is protected, your husband sperm will not reach the baby.

  • lol No that wouldn't happen, thanks for the laugh though.

    Also... At 14 weeks most women start to get a little baby bump. So it would be normal if you noticed a difference in your tummy.

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    Thats impossible!

  • cookie
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    Are you serious or is this a joke? your in your 4th month thats when your gonna start showing alot and fast too. maybe your having twins too. sometimes the second baby can go undetected til birth too.

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    Thats funny wow good one

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    see when a girl goes through puberty then and ONLY then does her body begin to make the ovums.

    so its like physically impossible for many many many reasons.

    and that bump?

    yeh, that happens when ur pregnant

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are you crazy? Im sorry to ask that but how can your baby get pregnant???

  • 1 decade ago

    hahahahaha umm its normal for the bump.... and you could be pregnant with another kid. your baby might be too

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