CEO(chief executive officer) question?

what is a CEO(chief executive officer)?

How much do they make?

What class do i have to take to become one?

how many years in school?

What do i have to have to become one?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The CEO is the head manager/decision maker for a company. They are in charge of all the other executives, managers, and workers.

    There really is no blueprint, you can have no education or be a dropout like Bill Gates and start a company to become a CEO.

    As for pay, they can make very little if its a small company that doesnt have much revenue, or they can give themselves a $1 salary like Steve Jobs and make up for it other types of compensation such as stock options and bonuses.

    As for schooling, I guess most are Business majors, probably either Finance or Accounting.

    With at least a Masters like an MBA after undergrad. so 6-7 years

    You have to be a leader, entreprenuer, skilled professional that knows how all things work together and can make the right decisions for the business.

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