Why is a degree from a online regionally accredited university viewed negatively?

I have worked so hard for my degree and I can't stand the idea that it will be viewed negatively in the job market. It is just as good as one coming from a brick and mortar university.

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    It isn't regarded negatively solely on the basis that it's online. Some schools have a better reputation than others. Doesn't matter whether it's online or classroom. UPhoenix, for example, has both online and classroom programs. Their classroom degrees aren't regarded any differently than are their online degrees - it's all about the college, not the learning modality.

    Some schools have a pretty poor reputation (whether online or classroom) and degrees from those schools aren't regarded as highly as those from better reputed schools.

    It is not "just as good as...." unless you're comparing a degree from the same college. Because, colleges are ranked in our society.

    There are some cases where an online degree is "better than" a classroom degree. If you get a degree online from one of the top 25 colleges in the US, that's not "just as good as" one from one of the "as seen on TV" colleges. And guess what, some of those top 25 teach online.

    Remember though - being regionally accredited simply means that the college has met the minimum requirements to be "a college" -- not that it's "the best" college or even a very good one. Only that it's "an accredited college". There's a reason that we rank the 3000+ colleges in the US. It's because they aren't all "just as good as" each other.

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