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Really, Yahoo? Really?

This is your top story when we have something of importance going on?

The ACORN scandal. HUGE. Four different cases. I cannot stand this media hiding everything. ACORN scandal is more important to ALL of us. Why do you protect them?


I guarantee Yahoo will delete this. Excuse me for having a voice.

Update 2:

Yes, Ota. Really.

This just shows how corrupt our government is... on both sides, I know.

My money goes to fund this organization. But don't you think people should be notified that their government is funding criminals? Maybe that has more impact than Kate Gosselin's change in hairstyle?

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    Yahoo is a liberal left winged media outlet. I changed my home page and I am considering changing my email as well. Would be hard posting here though.

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    To those that say all of this scandal is not true why did ACORN fire the people in the video? Charles Gibson from ABC News said in an interview he hadn't heard anything about this ACORN scandal...he must live in a cave.

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    It is more important to all of us? More important than what? Maybe it is news, but to call it a scandal is simply hyperbole. ACORN made poor choices in hiring people that lacked judgment. Which happens all the time across the country.

    If McDonalds hired a few pot smokers and they were caught at work would that be a national scandal? Would it transform the corporation into a drug cartel?

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    There is no Acorn scandal. The numb nuts in Baltimore were not censured, they were not suspended,they were fired. Just like they should have been. Fired. No job,no health insurance,no pension.They are toast.

    Source(s): A bunch of different media sources.
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    Calm down, you are hysterical. Why aren't you screaming about the C-Street house scandals instead? Is this Glenn Beck, you dirty little lying rascal, I thought it was you.

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    They got NUTHIN' as far as what to use as a distraction. This even kicks Patrick Swayze's death out of the top stories. They can't even use THAT entertainment news over THIS "entertainment" news to keep from reporting on ACORN.

    The country is getting really screwed up.

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    It speaks volumes when Caribou Barbie says that the ACORN scandal is important only to Republicans. The sad thing is that he's right.

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    It wouldn't surprise me if Acorn pays Yahoo regulators for their biasness.

    We should end ALL tax payer funds to Acorn. Let their members just pay higher membership dues.

    If not, then I propose to start matching tax payer funds of Acorn to the NRA and the Heritage Foundation!

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    You're right Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift is much more news worthy... (NOT)

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    Yahoo will feel our wrath should they continue trying to program the masses that kate's hair cut is some how more important than busting the largest contributor to our presidents campaign.

  • Not so looney afterall _---- That is the issue you don't know anything about the people your standing behind

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