where did the stereotype black people ppl eat watermelon come from?

i'd never heard that before until i heard new york say it on "i love new york 2" because tailor made was wearing pin and green and she said he looked like a big watermelon and said just because she's black doesn't mean she likes watermelon! of course she was joking but where does that come from????

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    The stereotype of black people liking watermelon came from the slave days. In those days they ate what grew in the fields were they worked. Their masters probably weren't a fan of this melon and made it okay for them to eat. It is just like chitterlings, slaves ate chitterlings because this was left over after the master and his family ate the good part, so they had to make do! I am black and I can't stand watermelon, but I love fried chicken!

  • 4 years ago

    The bits about watermelon being native to Africa is correct, especially near the Kalahari desert. However, the reason for the stereotype is because watermelons, as the name suggest have a high water content, more so than other fruits in fact. They are also really high in nutrients and vitamins, but I don't know that they would have been aware of that part. Anyway, Slaves working in the fields were at risk for dehydration since it was intense labor and it's hot in the south. Nobody was passing out water bottles at the time. So they would eat slices of watermelon to hydrate and refresh themselves from working in the fields. That's the where the stereotype comes from.

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    It's been around a long time because I saw Don Rickles joke about Sammy Davis Jr.s first crib being a hollowed out watermelon and that was in the sixties.

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    i hate watermelon. but i understand how it came to be a stereotype. i suggest white peoples (one) stereotype would be to "divide and rule". Since in the history of humans..this is what they have done in numerous of countries and races and continents.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm black and I don't like watermelon. I like grapes, though.

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    how is this a bad thing?

    Watermelon is good

    mmmm watermelon

  • good question. I watch the history channel, and I remember them saying that the media tried to get people to believe that blacks like watermelon and chicken. It was in the early 1900s'.

  • I think most people like watermelon.....(especially on a hot day when the melon is ice cold....I buy it seedless, though).

    I like all fruit. It's cool in the summer because I just go outside in my front yard and pick breakfast every morning (I have 2 plum tress, one cherry tree and one apple tree). I also grew fresh rhubarb (rhubarb pie, anyone?) LOL

    I like all fruit.....but I think the stereotype comes from the old south....

  • maiya
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    I dont know but I loveeeeeeee watermelon

  • HiLow
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    it did not come from the south

    i live in the south and hardly anybody eats watermelon

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