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Start Fred Jackson or Matt Forte week 2?

My RB's this upcoming week are Matt Forte/Ryan Grant/Fred Jackson and I have to fill 2 RB slots for this week.

Ryan Grant vs Cincinnati

Matt Forte vs Pitt

Fred Jackson vs Tampa Bay

After the first week showings by Grant and Jackson and also due to the fact that they're not playing the Steelers, I was thinking of starting both Grant and Jackson this week.

Is this the best option in your opinion? Or what do you think is the best 2 person combo this week out of those 3?

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    I'm in a very similar situation. Matt Forte did not perform well in week 1. However, he's comparable to M.Jones-Drew and M.Turner. You should always start your talented players. I'm pretty sure Fred Jackson will be putting up more numbers than R.Grant. F.Jackson wants touches (playing time) and every opportunity he gets he'll take advantage of. After week 1 FJ has earned more time and will be definitely be getting more touches even when lynch is back. Now A.Rogers will want to pass more often than hand off, he has G.Jennings and D.Driver. Like everyone has said its about his time time shine. Also think about Cincinnati pass defense vs. Tampa Bays pass defense as well. I personally would go for Fred Jackson, but looks like TO and Lee Evans will be open. Despite TO and Lee Evans, I still think Fred Jackson should be put in. A.Rogers looks to pass, and FJ will be effective against Tampa Bay. It is more likely FJ will have more yards than R. Grant.

    I have the following runningbacks:

    2 RB slots and one Flex.

    Matt Forte vs. Steelers (Starting)

    Joseph Addai vs. Dolphins (Starting)

    Derrick Ward vs. Bills (Bench)

    Fred Jackson vs. Bucs. (Flex)

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    Grant and Jackson are your best options. Forte had a poor showing against a good defense, but the Pitt defense will only be harder. Cinci will give up some yards on the ground, and Tampa Bay will as well after having given up so many passing yards this last week.

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    Even though Forte is going up against Pittsburg's D, start him. Watch for more chances for Forte after the bad game for Cutler. Ryan Grant is not going to have a great year because this is Aaron Rodgers year to shine. Obviously, start Forte and Jackson.

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    start Grant & Jackson. The Steelers are very good against the run.

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    You don't sit your elite ever. Especially after cutler threw 4 picks. You can expect to see the ball in Forte's hands a lot more Sunday.

    Steelers = overrated.

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    i always say when in doubt go with the players with the most talent. with that being said Forte and Grant are more talented so there you go. You never bench your elite like the other guy said. hes your best player if you dont play him he was a waste of a pick. always go with talent .

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